My 6 Retro Cartoon Tee’s and the Story Behind Them

Danger Mouse (original version) From Barnardo’s Charity Shop in Chorlton

I like how this has a faded and imperfect union jack in the background which makes it look a bit punk. I’m proud to say Danger Mouse is Mancunian, made by Cosgrove Hall in Chortlon-Cum-Hardy in Manchester! Ironic I should find it in Chorlton, ha.

Danger Mouse tee

The Joker (original version) found in a charity shop in Chorlton originally from Primark

Not remotely cute and rather creepy – I love it! It almost looks like it’s been painted on and has a flattering girly cut, surprisingly! Not available any more unfortunately.

The Joker tee

Fraggle Rock from Truffle Shuffle

This was my favourite bonkers show as a kid in the 80’s, so much cooler than Sesame Street (also made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop), unless you count Cookie Monster and that green grumpy dude in the bin and Animal the drummer… I love the fake vintage fade on this also.


I <3 Marvel Superheroes from Primark

Yes it’s really bright but it’s also girly and funny. It has the most flattering girly cut to it.

Marvel superheroes tee

Count Duckula from Truffle Shuffle

Another Cosgrove Hall production featuring a veggie vampire duck voiced by the wonderfully witty David Jason. Ooh I wonder if Truffle Shuffle have a Trap Door one? As mentioned in a previous post, I dyed this ‘Antique Grey’ (with Dylon) to make the fading more apparent and to dull the really bright colours.


Moomin from Tesco (*whispers* part of a pyjama set, ssh…)

Finnish woman Tove Jannsen created these cute hippo like creatures and their world back in the 40’s. The Blokes face was a picture when I turned up wearing this. He new she was a Moomin though! This is still available in shops now and comes with cotton sleep shorts. The shorts feel like they are two sizes smaller than the top, unfortunately for my big bum!

Moomin tee, Moomin pyjamas

Which are your faves? I can’t choose! Do you have any awesome geek/cartoon tees?

Chrissie xx

Raise money and awareness for Brainwave by dining at Manchester House restaurant in Spinningfields

Originally posted on 5 Things To Do Today:

This July, Aiden Byrne and the team at Manchester House have curated a special season of events to celebrate British Summertime and the importance of utilising local and seasonal ingredients, whilst raising funds and awareness for Brainwave.

Brainwave works with families in the UK to deliver individual home based therapy and exercise programmes that help children with disabilities and developmental delay to achieve their potential and greater independence. The children have a range of conditions including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome and rare genetic disorders.

Aiden is an avid supporter and patron of the charity; “Family is very important to my wife Sarah and I, as is our local community and the people within it. When we were looking for a charity to support, we knew we wanted something that had some association to all of those elements, and Brainwave was the perfect choice. It’s always an inspiration to visit…

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AA Skincare Essentials Collection (natural) Deodorant Grapefruit & Cedarwood

I hate those deodorants that are thick enough to leave white marks on clothes because I wonder what they are doing to my pores! I get on OK with the solid rock natural deodorants in general but find them a little lacking if I’m working up an actual sweat for any reason, plus they tend to be scentless.

AA Skincare Essentials Collection Deodorant 50ml £4.94 is a liquid deodorant made from essential oils and natural extracts which comes in a handy roller ball and sturdy glass bottle.

AA Skincare Deodorant


They say

‘Cedarwood is naturally deodorising ingredient which helps to remove and prevent bad smells. The inclusion of Thyme also helps to control odour by attacking the bacteria that cause B.O. Grapefruit adds a zesty note to the aroma and helps to encourage the body to expel toxins. Aloe Vera soothes and calms, helping to avoid irritation around the armpits or wherever else the deodorant is used.’

No aluminium

No alcohol

No synthetic parfums.

My Verdict

Well this is the sexiest scented deodorant I’ve used! This one is for men but I liked the combination of sensual woody cedar and zingy grapefruit. The Bloke loved this as well, I knew he would.

I applied this in the morning, it was a day mixed with sudden cold rain showers as well as long sunny spells so I often found I was dressed too warm and overheating. Not to worry though as my under arms stayed dry, itch free (unlike when I use some spray deodorants) and smelled wonderful all day and evening.


Dear AA Skincare,

Please can you make a cologne with this scent.


The Bloke


Rating 5/5

Here is my earlier review of AA Skincare Refreshing Eye Gel & Cleanser.


Chrissie xx


Beauty Kitchen – Inspire Me Body Oil (before & after pics)

Who are Beauty Kitchen 

‘At Beauty Kitchen we always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Our recipees only contain 100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients and will never cost the earth.’

Beauty kitchen Body Oil

Beauty kitchen Body Oil

Beauty kitchen Body Oil

Inspire Me Body oil £14.99 for 100ml has such cheerful packaging and the dark blue glass will keep the oil in the shade as it should be stored. The pipette gives enough oil even for larger areas. The oil has a beautiful fresh almost herbal scent and skins in surprisingly quickly, even though this is not a dry body oil. I gently massaged this into my skin every morning for 1 week.

Stretch Marks Before

(I’m wearing a lace trimmed vest, it’s not a bra!)


Stretch Marks After


I wasn’t expecting much, these deep silvery marks were here before I was even 20, thanks to mother nature. The oil did make my skin look healthier and younger though to be fair.

Back of Thighs Before 


My cellulite was a slightly worse than it looks here but I really didn’t want to go out into natural lighting to take the picture! You can still see the reddish shadows though, especially on the left and top right.

Back Of Thighs After


I deliberately didn’t look in a mirror for the whole week so it was a total shock to see my cellulite with faint stretch marks had more than halved! I actually did a little dance with joy! The tiny green/blue veins seem less visible as well. I might actually be getting my shorts out again after a year in the cupboard – hurrah! Note: I haven’t cropped the picture – this is exactly the same area btw, just a slightly different angle. It’s difficult bending over backwards taking piccies lol

Overall Verdict

Obviously a massage every day is going to make some difference but I didn’t really have the time or the strength to do it properly so I was mostly relying on the oil. I’m going to carry on using this on my the back of my thighs each morning and I might apply it at night if I’m not too sleepy. To give you an idea about the amount of oil I’ve used it’s now at the same level as the top of the label.


Stretch Marks 2/5

Cellulite 5/5

5 Fandom Friday – Fictional Vehicles I’d Love To Travel In



Ok I know I’m late on this one. I must set a reminder in my calendar!

The Batmobile 

It has to be this model of batmobile because I love how sleek it looks when it’s totally armoured. Plus I imaging it would feel snuggly and seriously bad ass to drive!


The Airship from The Golden Compass

I’ve always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon but not really liked the idea that you are just relying on the wind for direction. This airship is wonderfully high-tech and it ticks my steampunk box as well.


The Black Pearl from The Pirates of the Caribbean

Since I went on a school trip to visit the galleon The Golden Hind in junior school, I’ve always wanted to sale on  giant ship. I also don’t get sea sick and the motion of a ship actually makes me sleepy. You can tell I’ve not travelled over giant waves yet, can’t you.

The Dolorean from Back to the Future 

Who wouldn’t want to have a time travelling car with seriously cool gull wing doors. Why not pick the tardis? Well entering and leaving it would be kinda conspicuous, plus I’m going to get a spaceship in a minute anyways.


Serenity from Firefly

Well I had to have a spaceship in here somewhere didn’t I lol I know she was very temperamental but I love how chunky and rounded the ship looks. I also really miss the TV show so I’ve picked Serenity for sentimental reasons.


It’s never tool late, what fantasy ride would you choose?

Chrissie xx

Weird & Wonderful Links #3

Film & Books

Why Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman is so controversial 

The possible story in the film Labyrinth that went over our heads as a kid

Spectre trailer and reveal that Bond has always been manipulated 

The Maze Runner sequel The Scorch Trials

Geek/Alt Style

Cool woman’s tees from Insert Coin including a ‘Hello Kitty made from a joypad’ logo

Tongue-in-cheek geek tees from Tee Fury

Sea Punk or ‘Merman’ style on Instagram

Random Racoons (not actual racoons)

Freeganism and Wombling help people who are living on a lot less

How different animals see the world through their eyes

31 Awesome 90’s toys you probably weren’t bought but you still can now

Where to get free blog images and how to be aware of copy write laws

Japanese sea slug which looks like a bunny!

Sea slug which looks like a sheep!


More miss-heard song lyrics

Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actors in mime/dub karaoke battle

A definitive guide to sleeping positions and a bloke called Pete


15 Ways To Know When Your Boyfriend Is Also Your Best Friend

  1. He knows the exact way you like your weird food. Beens on your slightly overdone cheese toasty? No problem.
  2. You naturally help each other out because it’s a nice thing to do and you aren’t keeping count of favours.
  3. You share your favourite films and music and then realise you both liked similar if not the same already.boat
  4. When you are apart you either face timing each other or DM each other funny memes or email interesting articles. You always have ‘Oh I know they’d like this’ in the back of your mind.
  5. When you argue it’s because you are trying to get your differing points across to be understood. Not for smug point scoring.
  6. He’s phoned you at 1.00am when you are having a night out with friends ‘Just to check’ you are still ok and told you to phone him if you are stranded/in trouble, even if he doesn’t drive!?
  7. He will still invite you round to his, even though you’ve told him you need to watch the final of The Voice or Strictly Come Dancing as he knows how important it is to you.
  8. He will be honest and tell you if you are acting like a total muppet. You can also ask each other for objective advice. “Do these shoes make my feet look weirdly big?” “Not if you were a clown.”
  9. He’s taken the time to look after you when you’ve been poorly, like running to a late night chemist, massaging your feet or helping you get ready in the morning.
  10. You have a million in-jokes and phrases. You can have entire conversations that leave your group of friends looking completely perplexed.
  11. He’s seen you ugly cry and/or helped you to bed when you’ve had a few too many and not delighted in mentioning it the next day.
  12. You have declined invites out with friends because you are near the end of a Breaking Bad marathon (again).
  13. You have started sharing the same tees and hoodies and you aren’t sure who ‘borrowed’ what off whom anymore.
  14. He naturally encourages you to follow your dreams or hobbies even if they are different from his.
  15. You often take the mickey out of each other but it’s always in a tongue -in-cheek way.

Do you relate to any of these or have any of your own?

See also 20 Ways to Know if He’s The One

Would You Rather…?

I came across this idea on My Blog Is My Boyfriend and asked to join in as I don’t get to ponder over books with people very often. I never seem to be reading the same one as my mates and I tend to read fairly slowly so my reading list is rather out of date! So please feel free to comment and join in yourself.

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

I’d have to say standalones because trilogies can take a while to get going sometimes where as I enjoy the pacing of single novels. Plus if there is a character in there that is really annoying it’s just too frustrating reading about them yet again.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

This is difficult to answer as writers have pen names which don’t necessarily match wether they are male or female and anyway, if they are a great writer it wouldn’t matter to me!



Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Ok I’m going to replace Barnes & Noble with Waterstones seeing I’m in the UK. I’d much rather keep physical book shops on the high street so Waterstones, as sadly most of the little independent book shops have gone out of business in Manchester.

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

If it were small-medium books then a film but bigger books would have to be a series to do them justice such as Game of Thrones. I’m picking TV series for bigger books so I don’t have to wait for the next film in the series to come out.

Would you rather read only five pages per day or five books per week?

Five pages per day. I simply couldn’t imaging managing to read five books a week even though I actually have the time!

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

Reviewer. I couldn’t bear having to be creative with a deadline hanging over my head. I can only come up with interesting characters and snappy dialogue but I’m useless at plots. I really like reviewing books so watch out for more reviews in the future.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

I would love to work in a comic book/graphic novel shop like Forbidden Planet. That’s the dream!

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

If I think of the fantasy genre as being incredibly varied i.e. The Night Circus and Little Big and not just about dragons and kingdoms etc. then I would have to say my favourite genre of fantasy, as reading a genre that didn’t interest me would be pure hell.

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

Physical books because I don’t need to drag them around with me but if I commuted everyday my answer might be different.


Here are the six blogs I’m nominating – it’s usually five but I didn’t know how to choose!

Super Space Chick

A few of My Favourite Things

Suzie81 Speaks


Mermaid Kisses

Teachez Well

To my nominees, please don’t feel any pressure to participate, I don’t mind at all if you choose not to.

Chrissie xx


The Highs & Lows of Blogging List

Yay a list post! Is it sad that I’m getting excited over my own list post?

Good You get to write creatively about pretty much what ever you want. It’s  your blog after all.

Bad Bloggers block. Trying to figure out an idea for a post that hasn’t been done before is really tough! Hey, I was writing list ‘posts’ before you were born…Age 12 in my diary – ahem.

Good You have taken the best picture possible of your lovely food and know it will get shared on Pinterest and liked on Instagram.

Bad You are sure your food was meant to be served a bit hotter -ahem.

Good Companies send you free stuff – whoop! IMG_0142

Bad PR’s can be seriously cheeky by asking bloggers to post info graphics for free or asking bloggers to add links a pre-written text to old articles and then are the ones giving you the ‘opportunity’ to create a specific blog post with text and their products for your ‘chance to win’ being featured on their page – aha no.

Good Getting positive feedback from your readers feels like the most wonderful thing in the world. It can really pick you up when you’re flagging.

Bad Dealing with smeg head trolls who leave abusive or just plain stupid comments. Luckily I’ve not had any of these in over two and a half years of blogging!

Good When you have found an item or a place that you adore and want to share it. You’ve taken the photo’s and edited them. You’ve figured out the perfect formatting and layout. You’ve added the tags and automated social media sharing. You’ve spell checked and faffed about some more. You are really proud of how it looks and your writing and all of your hard work.

Bad It gets no likes, comments or shares. Oh….But you are still proud of the way it looks and all of your hard work.

Good You get to communicate with lots of lovely people that are really supportive, interesting and creative. People that might be on the other side of the world from you or decades older or younger than you but it doesn’t matter.image

Bad Sometimes you don’t get to meet the people you want to because you didn’t get an invite to that event. Why not? Do they have more followers? Bring on the blog paranoia. Until you remember there were opportunities that you’ve had that others didn’t and you feel greatful.

Good Typing can be so much easier than writing and you don’t have to know a thing about coding to set up a really decent blog that’s customisable. As well as scheduling posts, you can set up programmes such as Hootsuite to do things automatically for you as well.

Bad When you some hoe make spelling mistakes and then publish your completely unedited draft. When that ‘simple’ plug in or competition widget just refuses to work and you are wailing “Why though? What is wrong with you!” at your device.

Good Even if you decide to quit your blog and go in another direction or you get more time consuming commitments. You will always have your little space on the internet that you lovingly crafted to look back on. Like the most vibrant journal or scrapbook that you can imagine.

Chrissie xx

**WIN** A Chocolate Gift Basket!

Serenata Flowers  provide beautiful bouquets of flowers from the pretty to the exotic but they also have a fantastic selection of gift baskets. I wanted to give all of you lovely readers a treat for being so nice to me so when they asked me to participate in a giveaway I chose a hamper full of delicious chocolatey treats! Nomnom…

chocolate hamper550_105910

The basket includes a selection of chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered nuts and Belgian chocolates, not to mention a cute wicker basket perfect for storing things in style. This hamper gained an average of 5/5 stars from 25 customer reviews on the Serenata Flowers website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway