Customer Service Food Intollerence Fails.

To put this into context obviously I eat some wheat, gluten and dairy but as a concession to the rule and only for a meal which is a treat occasionally. On a daily basis I really try to avoid them but it’s not always easy when other people are involved.


When Tesco Had Clearly Met Their Equal Opportunities Quota

Me: Would you check if those wasabi coated peas behind the counter have wheat in them.

Shop assistant scans them and puts them in my bag!?

Me: Excuse me I only asked you a question about them!

Shop Assistant (taking them back out): Why?

Me (taking a deep breath and speaking slowly): Do they have wheat in them?

Shop Assistant (slowly) These. Are. Peas.

I take the bag off him.

Me: Here it’s the first thing on the ingredients list!

Shop Assistant (optimistically): So now do you want them?

Me (trying not to loose my shit): No I have a food intolerance to it.

Shop Assistant looks at me like I’m (wasabi coated) nuts.


Local Shop Which Tries To Up-sell People Random Stuff

I put the glue I’m purchasing on the counter.

Shop Assistant: You buy Nutella!

Me: Excuse me?

Shop Assistant: You are girl, all girls like Nutella.

Me: I have a food intolerance to milk.

Shop Assistant: No, no milk.

Me: It’s ‘milk’ chocolate!

Shop Assistant: No, no – no milk, you buy now?


Shop Assistant’s Wife freaks out at him in Indian.


The Flattering But Confused Deli Assistant 

Shop Assistant: Hello!

Me: Hello! Can I get the falafel with humous and salad in a tray please, without the pitta. I’m wheat and dairy intolerant so trying to cut down. Thanks.

Shop Assistant: Oh you are so slim!

Me (blushing and puzzled): Oh, erm thank you.

Shop Assistant serves me with my order including some extras and then smothers it all in yoghurt sauce.

I grit my teeth, thank her with a smile and leave.


Me: Do you know if you have any gluten free soy sauce in the free-from…..

Shop Assistant sprints off and shouts at me to follow.

Shop Assistant: Here is the soy sauce.

Me: I was trying to say, maybe in the free from isle? I have an intolerance to gluten which is why I’m asking.

Shop Assistant: It’s just sauce.

Me: Well, yes but 90% of the popular brands I’ve seen contain gluten though.

Shop Assistant (frowns and thinks for a moment): Oh right! Is it fish then?


I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to have severe allergies – although when I’ve used the word ‘allergy’ instead, most people seem to understand the concept. I do think the term ‘food intolerance’ needs to be used though so people get more used to hearing it.

Chrissie xx

Fashion A/W 2015 – Pretty and Practical OOTD

Pretty and Practical for A/W 2015
Wether you are visiting the beautiful Autumn countryside or trudging through Winter snow in the city, you can look both pretty and be practical.

Book Review – The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-time


WrittenbyMark Haddon this is one of the most unique and intriguing books you will ever read. Narrated by 15 year old Christopher Boone it is darkly funny, emotional and a detective novel in a very unexpected way. Christopher has Asperger’s and his father has a very big secret, which sends his son on a revealing and incredibly brave journey.

I admit that I missed some of the more subtle humour as I found myself approaching the text from Christopher’s honest and black and white point of view. Like I was reading it completely from his perspective – which is just one of the genius things about this novel.

Here’s one of his thoughts on life which made me laugh:

“Eventually scientists will discover something that explains ghosts, just like they discovered electricity which explained lightning, and it might be something about peoples brains, or something about the earths magnetic field, or it might be some new force altogether. And then ghosts won’t be mysteries. They will be like electricity and rainbows and non-stick frying pans.”

It is a rare novel that makes me cry and laugh, that lets me zoom through it with ease and contains lists and illustrations from the protagonist which are entertaining and informative.




My bloke has had this on his bookshelf for years and I can’t believe I’ve only just got around to reading it, seeing as it was also recommended to me by several friends over the years. Read it. It will entertain you and give you more empathy and understanding than you’ve ever had before.

Chrissie xx

Good Night Stop Snoring Ring 2 Years On Update


It’s been a while since my first review of these rings which work on an accupressure point.

Well as you can see these babies are looking worse for wear. Even though we’ve taken care of these putting them in their own little jewellery box the metal has either corroded or the silver plating is wearing of.

Do they still work though?

Well for some odd reason me and the bloke stopped wearing them. We simply forgot they existed! Then after two horrible nights of the bloke CONSTANTLY snoring we remembered we had them – thank goodness. It’s recommended that you give it up to four or five nights to work and to put it on half an hour before bed but THEY WORKED STRAIGHT AWAY – woohoo! The only problem was that the ring left a black mark on the blokes finger and we don’t know what the base metal is hmm…

Why the snoring in the first place?

The bloke has a food intolerance to beer…ok it’s yeast but that’s not going to stop him enjoying a beer of an evening so often his sinuses are blocked, hence the snoring but no more!

These were originally sent to me for review purposes I just wanted to do an update as I was amazed at how quickly they were so effective again.

Chrissie xx

Neal’s Yard Remedies Bigger and Even Better in King Street



NYR have located to King Street and the new store looks beautiful, with elegant touches and attention to detail every where.


I highly recommend NYR lip glosses which stay put for hours and come in a very flattering range of colours. I can’t wait to try their mascara but I have so many others to use up first that I think I’m becoming a mascara junkie!


All of the treatment rooms are down these stairs. I love the wall decals and the idea but these treatments rooms won’t be accessible to people with mobility issues unfortunately. Unless there is a tiny lift somewhere which I didn’t spot.


The sale of products from the Bee Lovely range mean that NYR can donate 10,000 a year to projects that help to save bees. Fantastic!


NYR are still all about the herbs and tinctures – the original products sold in the first Covent Garden shop.


On the night there were hand and arm massages and deep tissue/seated chair massage available. I opted for the latter by masseuse Gary as I’m always tense around my back and shoulders. Afterward I felt much more relaxed and the circulation in my hands (rather a problem) was working better than it ever has! NYR offer a huge range of treatments and therapies (16 in all) including nutritional therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, reflexology, drop in clinics, facials and indian head massage which I’ve previously reviewed and is amazing!


How cute is this Festival Favourites wash bag ^_^ It contains Beauty Sleep Concentrate something that I need to try again using a much smaller amount next time because it’s so rich, White Tea Facial Mist which moisturises skin on the go and can be sprayed over makeup (I’ve noticed this does a great job of setting my makeup when in hot places), Wild Rose Beauty Balm which I seriously cannot recommend enough and the lazy girls must have product Face Wipes, which are so gentle even people with sensitive skin can use them.

What would would you get from Neal’s Yard Remedies?

Chrissie xx


Holy Lama Naturals ‘Hair Boon’ Review


I received this Holy Lama Naturals hair boon travel set (£10) in my last Souk Souk beauty box and I’ve only just got around to reviewing it for some reason (I’m so sorry the picture is slightly out of focus – I didn’t realise until I viewed it on my laptop screen and I’d used the products by then – lesson learned). Holy Lama is an all women enterprise and supports women from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is also Vegan Society approved.


Yogi Soap

I love how this came with it’s own bamboo leaf soap dish – gorgeous touch. This soap has a beautiful fresh flowery scent, it foams up well and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. I felt this was too scented to use on any sensitive areas which includes my face but it’s a great hand soap.

Rating 4/5


Aaargh! Now as you’ll know by now I have very coarse high-maintenance hair – granted but this shampoo turned it into a mass of matted straw. I was actually scared I’d have to take the scissors to it! I can only recommend this for people with greasy hair or roots in conjunction with the moisturising conditioner.

Rating 0/5


I used the whole tub of this luxuriously creamy conditioner, I had to to combat the effects of the shampoo! It worked magic though and left my hair feeling soft and manageable. I was very impressed and relieved.

Rating 5/5

Hair Oil

I adore this stuff! I used a little of this before shampooing (I realise now I should have used more) and I applied some to towel dried hair after conditioning. It worked like a mild gel and calmed my hair, added shine and gentle hold. My curls stayed defined after they had dried and had natural movement to them.

Rating 5/5

Personally I’d recommend buying the products individually unless you are going on holiday, in which case this handwoven basket of mini products might come in really handy.

Overall rating 3.5/5

Have you heard of Holy Lama products before?

Chrissie xx

20 Sensory Things I love


  1. Bubble wrap. Stamping on it or twisting it until non of it pops any more.
  2. Really chewy things like solid caramels, Black Jacks and fruit salads or cola bottles.
  3. Long tight hugs.
  4. Splashing through puddles.
  5. The feel of rubber grips on tools or those wobbly buttons on remote controls.
  6. Strong hot food and sour food. Garlic and chilli stir fry, fizzy sweets, grapefruit and curries.
  7. Stamping on closed polystyrene food containers and that dull cracking noise.
  8. Long tight-ish jumpers/cardigans where I can pull the sleeves over my hands.
  9. The gentle rocking of a train or the rise and fall of a ferry journey.
  10. Squishy things filled with water.
  11. Crunchy food especially the biscuit in cheesecake.
  12. Sitting right in the corner of the sofa or having a big cushion against me.
  13. Pillow fights! The heavy IKEA memory foam ones – I don’t mess about lol
  14. Having my back and shoulders really tightly tucked up in the duvet.
  15. Tightly holding glass marbles in my palm and grinding them together which sounds great and better for me than grinding my teeth!
  16. Just standing in the sea and feeling the push and pull of the waves.
  17. The squeaking of old leather boots.
  18. That scrunching sound fresh snow makes when you walk on it.
  19. Soft fluffy things like faux fur, chenille blankets, dressing gowns, bunnies.
  20. The feel of walking on soft wet sand or through crunchy Autumn leaves.

autumn leaves new_0

Apparently because I’m mainly (I’d say 80%) under-sensitive to a lot of things I’m a ‘seeker’ because I need to seek out sensory things, rather than wanting to avoid them.

I’d say everyone can identify with at least some of the things in this list, which ones do like?

Chrissie xxx

Dr. Organic – Organic Aloe Vera Gel

What do you do when all of the products in your cupboards are cruelty free except the Savalon/ Sudocrem? Well I threw the last of mine out and went back to a simpler more moisturising solution: Aloe Vera gel. This one contains Tea Tree which is a wonderful anti-bacterial oil and Arnica which helps to bring down inflammation and redness.



  • Paraben free
  • No artificial colours, fragrances or harsh preservatives
  • Organic
  • Resposibly resourced ingredients


  • Moisturises dry skin
  • Antibacterial
  • Stops the itch of mosquito bites
  • Soothes
  • Cools
  • Helps to fade new stretch marks and scars


A rather dozy mosquito must have gotten lost on the way to The Bloke and bit me instead. OMG it was so itchy! I put a small dab of this now very red area I’d been scratching and it cooled and soothed the area immediately. I was impressed! I’m going to be using this after I wax in future and in summer on my poor hot and puffy ankles.

I found this in Holland and Barrett and noticed on the Dr Organic website that they do tooth paste and deodorant also.


People Tree Wishlist



Zandra Rhodes Dancing Stars Bodycon Dress

100% Organic cotton. Fair Trade and Soil Association approved.




Hand Made



Penguin Long Sleave Tee

Soil Association approved. Fair Trade cotton.



Batik Notebook

Hand made. Organic cotton. Fairtrade.



Deco Collar Necklace 

Handmade. Fairtrade.



Owl Coin Purse

Handmade. Fairtrade.


Chrissie xx 

Neil’s Yard Remedies Samples


I poped into NYR to pick up some digestive supplements (a little post on this coming up shortly) and I was kindly given some samples.

 Beauty Sleep Concentrate

This cream has a medium – thick consistency and kept my skin moisturised until morning. Unfortunately it was a little to rich and clogged up several of my pores so I won’t be using it again. I’d recommend this for people with drier skin than myself.

White Tea Tonning Eye Gel

I woke up this morning, bags under my eyes, then I applied this, and to my surprise, they were gone, gone, gone. This had a rather runny consistency than I’m used to with eye gel and I found  storing it in the fridge added to it’s soothing quality. After an hour – apart from the crease that’s always there – my bags had disappeared!

White Tea Enriching Facial Mask

I was expecting the mask to set a lot quicker, in fact it didn’t ever really set 100% I washed the mask off after 15 minutes and unlike every other face mask I’ve used it hadn’t dried out my skin. My face felt so soft and incredibly moisturised. I’ll use a very thin layer next time as I like masks that set as I feel they dray more impurities out of my pores.

Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser

This cleanser refreshed my skin, removed all traces of my foundation and was calming my skin looked tone looked a more even and less red.

Frankincence Hydrating Cream

I love this moisturiser! It’s a medium consistency and sinks in quickly. It kept my combination skin moisturised all day and evening. It wasn’t until around 8.00pm that my skin looked a little shiny. This cream has a lovely scent (as all of these products don’t) and was a perfect base for my medium coverage makeup.

Chrissie xx