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20 Ways To Tell If You Are A Hipster

It’s easy to cringe at Hipsters, when you assume they were the nerdy kids at school who are now achingly cool. It’s not always intentional though, in fact, maybe you are a hipster yourself but you just don’t realise it yet. Read on to find out if you’ve accidentally become a hipster.


  1. You have an obscure musical instrument casually lying around your home. You can’t play it very well but it adds to the general ambiance.
  2. Your conversation is littered with esoteric pop culture references, stories of trendy dive bar openings you’ve attended and which new Cath Kidston product you own.
  3. You wish cupcakes hadn’t become so mainstream because now they can’t be the kooky twist to your party.
  4. You can’t function without foods such as quinoa, vegetable crisps, figs, acai berries, goji berries, kale, agave syrup and soya milk, which you buy at your local specialist deli of course. It’s all part of your new ‘clean eating’ regime.
  5. You manage to combine at least 5 of the above ingredients to make sludgy smoothies everyday.
  6. Even though you are clearly an adult your fave tees have cartoon characters on them from your childhood because it’s just so ironic, lols.
  7. You have a tattoo or piercings in seemingly random places.
  8. You have an interesting vinyl collection on display. Even if it belonged to your Granddad and you dug it out of the attic.
  9. You have a sowing machine on display. Even if it belonged to your Grandma and you dug it out of the attic.
  10. You call the loft space an attic because it makes it sound more mysterious.
  11. You ride a wayfarer bike which has no lights but it does have a woven basket on the front.
  12. Your wardrobe consists of satchels, beanies, vintage clothes, new clothes which look vintage, clothes from an expensive indie label, thick framed glasses and that one ‘quirky’ accessory which you wear with everything because it expresses your individual vibe so well.
  13. Chain stores and restaurants are the devil and everything that is wrong with society. You much prefer independent cafes (especially ones with vegan and gluten free options – you don’t actually need it, you just like the idea), vintage markets and record stores. A combination of all three would be your idea of heaven.
  14. You are likely to be found at a book club meet up, a scrap booking meet up, a customise your clothes meet up, or a recycle-your-old-crap-into-something-only-slightly-less-crap meet up.
  15. You have to share every second of your life on social media (but not on Facebook as that’s so passé obv) – even though doing this means your perfectly arranged food is now cold.
  16. Normal lighting in the middle of the ceiling is so boring! You only use fairy lights, and strategically placed hidden mood lighting.
  17. Your stationary is either monogrammed, leather bound or is covered with adorable printed illustrations. You make a point of carrying said stationary around with you.
  18. You have either altered your rather plain name ie. Michelle to Mitch, Rachel to Ritchie or you have gone back to your full name which you thought too twee as a teen such as Bernadette or Lucinda.
  19. You drink only craft beer or cocktails which include bizarre and unique ingredients. 
  20. You have the most beautiful looking Pinterest boards imaginable. There are lots of other useful stuff you want to pin but it doesn’t look pretty enough.

Are you recognising yourself yet? I know I am!

Chrissie xx

So Recently I’ve Been….

Visiting Pizza Express as it was the blokes birthday and not having a lot of money but wanting to go somewhere nice we opted for this place – in fact he always opts for Pizza Express. I highly recommend the lasagne and polenta fries and the broccolini is gorgeous!




Drinking ‘Marley’s Mellow Mood Citrus’ it’s not an energy drink and it’s not as sickly as fizzy pop it’s slightly sweet and has a slight herbal taste. No, not that kind! I’m cutting down on how much alcohol I drink and only indulging on occasions or, y’know Fridays.


Buying another pair of black boots! I know, I’m just beyond reason at this point, ha! No seriously, they were on sale at £20.00 reduced from £45.00! The idea is that I can wear them with a skirt or a short dress and tights through S/S and Autumn because they don’t have a zip (unlike modern DM’s) that snag the tights. Plus these boots are slim fitting a look more ladylike than my big spiky ones.


Listening to late 70’s Ska band The Selecter. I noticed a kinda crazy but catchy tune on an advert so I YouTubed it and discovered this awesome band. As soon as I’d played a single bar of this song my mate Steph knew what it was straight away!

Discovering that TK Maxx is a great place to find cruelty free beauty brands that are discounted. This Faith In Nature face and body scrub was £3.99 down from £6.25 (I’m going to need some scrubbing now I’m getting my winter withered legs out) and Good Things Cleanser (which smells gorgeous and is naturally anti-bacterial thanks to the honey) was £2.99 reduced from 4.99. There were also some Tisserand products but non that I wanted at that moment.

Faith In Nature Good Things

Creating ‘posh’ salads and sandwiches. My fave ingredients include a combination of cashews, assorted olives, sun dried marinated tomatoes, rocket, spinach, humous, ground seshwan pepper corns, spring onion, mushrooms, halloumi cheese, cranberries, caramelised onion chutney (or my mates homemade fig and red onion one), assorted seeds and crushed up vegetable crisps for crunch. It sounds a little expensive but I’ve got everyone on board so we are sharing the food and the cost. Yumm!


I’m looking forward to…Watching the second series of Gotham and the new Daredevil series, because lets face it, anything is an improvement on the 2003 Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck film.


Have an awesome weekend peeps!

Chrissie xx



Maxi Dresses Equal Maximum Style

Maxi Dresses Equal Maxi Style
Beach, shopping or bar hopping, maxi’s are perfect for whatever you want to do!
Chrissie xx

My Everyday Skin Care Essentials

These products aren’t particularly glamorous or expensive but they do their job so well that my skin wouldn’t be the same without them.

insta natural vitamin C moisturiser  cruelty free deodorant

Gwdihw (Goody Hoo) Smoochy Lips Cherry lip balm £3.99 25g

My name is Chrissie and I’m a lip balm obsessive. If they come in cute tins then even better, hehee!  This lip balm consists of coconut and olive oils, beeswax, Calendula (Marigold), natural cherry oil which sooth and smooth chapped lips. This is one of the most solid balms I’ve come across and It’s this consistency that makes it stays put for a very long time. It transforms dry rough lips quicker than any other balm I’ve tried. I’m going to separate it into smaller pots so I can keep some in my bag, pocket, by my bedside and by the couch.

Insta Natural Youth Express Vitamin C Moisturiser $19.97 100ml

Vit C is essential for the structure and repair of connective tissue so I’d say it’s a vital ingredient in any moisturiser. My first thought “This moisturiser seems quite thick – oh no!” My second thought “Oh, it spreads easily and sinks into my skin really well.” I’ve only been using this for a week so I can’t vouch for any long term transformative effects but it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, looking naturally radiant and is a fantastic base for makeup (if you have very oily skin you would still need to use a pore perfecting cream as well). Ingredients also include Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells and peptide complex.

Salt of The Earth Natural Deodorant £4.75

I hate those kinds of anti-persperants that clog up pores and cover my black clothes in thick white dust. The body is meant to perspire to cool down but no one wants to smell like an old trainer so this natural type of deodorant is the answer. This one is made from alum, an antibacterial mineral salt which sucks up extra moisture and odour rather effectively. I can’t recommend this if you are a regular gym bunny or are about to hit the clubs but for everyday use this product is perfectly effective.

Insta Natural Moroccan Rose Water Facial Toner $13.97 120ml

This has such a pretty scent and calms skin rather than irritating it like harsher toners. It feels light on skin and isn’t drying. It does a good job of gently removing grease, dirt and any left over traces of makeup after cleansing. I use toner twice a day and to freshen up in summer so I love that this comes in such a big bottle.

So those are the products that keep my skin happy on a daily basis. Have you tried any of these? Which products in your beauty regime do you consider to be essential?

Insta Natural products were gifted to me for review purposes, this does not bias my opinion in any way. Honest as always!

Chrissie xx

10 Coolest (Modern) TV Show Theme Tunes

I’ve lost track of the amount of amazing bands and artists I’ve discovered after holding out my crappy little Nokia so Shazam could record and identify the epic theme tune at the start of my fave shows. This list is all about songs that work independently in their own right as well as being part of brilliant opening credits.

Luther (BBC)

A brilliant but damaged detective meets his match in a sociopathic femme fetale who, rather surprisingly, helps him to see a different perspective. The theme is a well mixed sample of Massive Attack’s sultry Paradise Circus over artistic graphic-novel-brought-to-film style opening credits.


Another crime drama series about a detective with issues. For me this series has a film noir feel to it, from the subtly moody cinematography to this wonderful smooth jazz theme ‘Can’t Let Go’ by Caught A Ghost.

True Detective

Two amazing detectives who are polar opposites begrudgingly combine their skills with great effect. The theme ‘Far From Any Road’ by The Handsome Family matches the series perfectly with it’s downbeat, Southern US sound. I think the editing and overlaying in the opening credits make them some of the best I’ve ever seen.

Boardwalk Empire

Set in the prohibition era between the 20’s-30s we follow ‘Nucky’ Thompson as he plays both sides of the law for his own benefit. There are many modern musicians who are inspired by 20’s jazz and blues who they could have asked to write the theme. Instead they chose a heavier interpretation of ‘Straight Up and Down’ by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. However, I love it, so it made my list!

True Blood

Telepathic waitress falls in love with a vampire and has weird sexual chemistry with another. Actually the whole town is full of supernatural beings. “I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I know this much is true, I wanna do bad things with you.”I love Jace Everette‘s voice, especially his intonation in places! I could definitely imagine dancing to this in a dimly lit dive bar in the deep South.


A story about a community trying to gather it’s self again after the floods in New Orleans. I love the upbeat nature of this song coupled with the double base that drives it. Me and the bloke always have a boogie in our every time we hear it and we have to do the “whoo” at the end of course. Here’s the full version by John Boutte.

Sons Of Anarchy

A motorcycle gang who are actually nice guys deep down – except it turns out they aren’t when the sh!t really hits the fan, well duh. Great guitar rock track titled ‘This Life’ by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers.

The Sopranos

A man tries to balance family life with being a gangster. No wonder he ends up in therapy. This theme titled ‘Woke Up This Morning’ performed by Alabama 5 is so smooth. Full of foreboding lyrics, yet so laid back.


The psychopath who loves his family, does well in his job as a blood splatter expert and ‘takes out the trash’ by bumping off bad guys to satisfy his blood lust. With a mysterious feel to it and a delightfully unsettling (yet tongue in cheek) circus style melody in the middle, this music is just perfect for the show.

Finally an old one that still can’t sit still listening to…

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Teenage girl kicks vampire butt, also has weird sexual chemistry with one and falls in love another one. The whole town is in fact full of supernatural beings. The first True Blood basically. I love the way this theme song written by pop punk band Nerf Herder thunders along up to a big finish. It reminds so much of Offsprings ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright’ so much that the two overlap in my head.

10 Positive Things Dyspraxia Has Given Me

I know posting a diagram showing the problems which dyspraxia can cause might seem counter intuitive to the tittle of this post but I think it’s the easiest way to show you what dyspraxia actually is. Personally I have less problems with fine motor skills and more severe problems with attention and memory (which is also linked to ADD) so my Neurologist tells me.

dyspraxia infographic

Before I knew what was going on with me I felt like a big dumb freak but my school friends always said “We love you because of the that you are, not despite it.” My boyfriend says the exact same thing to me. I’ve got much more confidence now and because I’ve been diagnosed later in life it’s meant I’ve had to develop my own coping strategies and I’ve started to realise that dyspraxia has shaped me in positive ways.

Creativity and a random jukebox in my mind

As my brain is always whirring around with random thoughts – especially at night – I can get really creative ideas and little revelations about life. If you follow me on Twitter you will be able to attest to this! It has also meant that I’ve never run out blog post ideas once, in the 2 and a half years that I’ve been blogging. Everyday I have a line or the chorus of a song going around my head in a loop for frequent periods. I’m reminded of some great songs from passed decades I’d forgotten about or had no idea I even knew the words to!



‘If you fail try, try and try again’ or in my case ‘and again and again…..’ this can be seriously tedious but having to persevere has made me really tenacious. Even as a child I was a really determined little thing who wasn’t easily defeated… or stubborn at all ;o)

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 13.54.55

Humour in the face of adversity

If I’m in a shitty situation I will some how manage to find humour in it. Failing at hundreds of little things everyday since childhood I’ve experienced a lot of flippant negativity. This could have made me an overly defensive, bitter bitch but I chose to have fun with a self-effacing sense of humour instead. I don’t mean I’m putting myself down constantly to get laughs, I just manage to find humour in dodgy situations. Rather than getting embarrassed after opening a packet of M&M’s in such a way they fly all over the place, I’ll make a joke like “I just thought I’d share them with EVERYONE.” Having an unrestrained imagination helps to turn the mundane into the ridiculous and therefor amusing very quickly. Anyone else made themselves laugh out loud at their own thoughts, when on a crowded bus?

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 13.55.19

I can be surprisingly focussed

I’m used to coping with difficult situations. Having dyspraxia means that I need to pause before steaming into something and instead I need to figure out a way to do it, that works for me. I’m constantly accessing situations. I’ve realised this has made me a lot more ‘on the ball’ over the years. For instance travelling to London and finding my connecting train to Cornwall in an incredibly busy station didn’t phase me. Wandering around a maze like hospital didn’t phase me. I got utterly lost like, and went around in a circle – twice – but I didn’t get stressed. Being in situations where things aren’t instantly and entirely evident to me is pretty normal. Confusing yes, but somehow reassuringly normal and not as stressful as it might be to someone who isn’t used to feeling this way. Also if someone has an accident I can suddenly become detached enough to think practically rather than panic, which is always good.

Breath and relax…

I’ve learned a level of patience I never thought possible. Loosing my train of thought right near the end of a sentence or a sum, tripping up over nothing, spending ages making a simple but perfect meal only to drop the plate face down on the floor, all of these things have and continue to test my patience but my gosh, have I developed A LOT of it! When spoilt princesses (the grown up kind) are having a full on diva fit because they didn’t get served at warp speed, I just roll my eyes. When someone is running late and everything seems to be going wrong I can calm them down, offer them a cuppa or a cocktail and say something daft to make them laugh because I understand exactly how that feels. I’ll admit sometimes you might here me yell “For f#c% sake” and launch an object across the room but then I’m usually calm straight after my therapeutic mini meltdown, ha!

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 13.55.12

I’m always organised

I rule at being organised. Ok so I’ve missed many appointments because I’ve got the order of the numbers in the date mixed up or lost all track of time because I’ve been trying to complete a really difficult mission in Grand Theft Auto, even though I’ve had a vague notion I’m meant to be meeting my mate soon. These experiences and many more have taught me that post it notes, reminder alarms (on my laptop, phone, iPod and paper calendar), nagging reminders from my boyfriend and Mum, simple but detailed filing systems and adorable stationary are essential.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 13.55.34

Lateral thinking

I tend to think differently than others and sometimes I can easily solve a problem which others have been struggling with, because it just seems obvious to me. Kind of like when an adult is over complicating something and being governed by the rules of how something is meant to be done, then their child looks rather non-plussed and amused suggests “Why don’t you just do it like this?” I’m sorry I can’t think of any specific examples here, every time I try to think of any, they opaquely half form and then float out of my head! That’s the nature of dyspraxia and I don’t mind.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 13.54.59

Weeding out the dickheads

When you are a bit of a weirdo as I am – and I mean that affectionately – it doesn’t take long to realise who your friends are. They are the ones who don’t judge, who try to help without being patronising and don’t try to finish your sentences for you when you get stuck half way and then proceed to talk over you. I hate that, even though my mind races to the end of what someone is saying and try to finish their sentence….But I’m usually right and then I shut up – hmm.

I’m tidier than a maid

Everything I own has it’s own place where it lives and it always gets but back there almost as soon as I’ve used it. When you put something down and forget why it’s not in your hand 30 seconds later, things need to be ordered so you can find it again. When you can scan a room four or five times for something that’s in plain site and still not see it, things need to be kept tidy. Floor space needs to be free from clutter so that I don’t trip over the stuff I’ve left there. I do hate homes that are so sparse and neat they don’t feel homely and I don’t have a compulsion to tidy, I’ve just learned how to make my space work for me.

People know where they stand with me

I’m honest to a fault. In my twenties as a temp I was so terrified of offending candidates for the position of ‘new BFF’ I (over)thought before I said anything and I mean ANYTHING. It was exhausting and when the words did finally come out they sounded awkward and rehearsed. Nowadays I trust I’m not a total idiot or a big ol’ bitch and I just go with my instincts and “blah blah blah” away freely to everyone. Sometimes I sound a bit dumb, sometimes I’m really quick and witty, sometimes I’m a little tactless but it’s better than being anxious and paranoid. Plus 70% of people I’ve met tend to really respect my honesty and the other….er…..30% just need to lighten up a little, hehe!


I hope this gives people an insight into this condition in general (recognised in the 1990’s) or that it helps anyone who recognises some of the symptoms, diagnosed or otherwise.

Your comments welcome as always :o)

Chrissie xx

Good News – New Zealand Bans Cosmetics Animal Testing!

New Zealand has taken a major step toward joining the growing list of progressive nations to ban cruel animal testing of cosmetics, thanks to the two year #BeCrueltyFree campaign by Humane Society Internationa.l  An amendment to the Animal Welfare Act similar to that proposed by Green Party MP Mojo Mathers was voted through today — a decision that reflects the desire of New Zealand’s consumers and cosmetics industry to ensure that animal testing of cosmetics can never take place in the country.


Me is so happy!



The #BeCrueltyFree New Zealand campaign led by Humane Society International, the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society and Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) has been instrumental in achieving this animal welfare milestone. #BeCrueltyFree worked closely with MP Mathers, and has gathered support from a large number of cosmetics companies such as LUSH, Antipodes, Wendyl’s and Kester Black as well as celebrities including Michelle Langstone (The Almighty Johnsons), Sam Bunkall (Shortland Street), netball champion Irene van Dyke, and a host of music stars such as Anna Coddington, MC Tali, Tiki Taane, Flip Grater, Rosa Dub, Brockaflower, and legendary Queen guitarist Brian May. In opinion polls more than 89 per cent of Kiwi consumers backed the ban, and more than 100,000 people signed #BeCrueltyFree petitions and e-cards.

Claire Mansfield, HSI’s Global #BeCrueltyFree Campaigns Director, said: “We are thrilled that New Zealand’s politicians have taken this important step to vote out cosmetics cruelty. This is a moment to be celebrated for animal welfare and compassionate consumers, and yet another achievement for the #BeCrueltyFree campaign.”

The #BeCrueltyFree campaign also has legislative bans being considered in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan and the United States, as part of its global efforts to eradicate animal testing from the cosmetics industry. In such tests, rabbits, guinea pigs and other animals can have chemicals dripped in their eyes, spread on their skin or fore fed to them in massive doses without pain relief. Under the revised Animal Welfare Act, animal testing of finished cosmetics and ingredients intended exclusively for use in a cosmetic will be illegal anywhere in New Zealand. The current testing ban does not apply to so-called “dual use” ingredients — substances that may be co-regulated under chemicals law or other regulatory regimes — nor can the AWA impose restrictions on the import and sale of cosmetics animal tested abroad, so closing these gaps is #BeCrueltyFree’s next goal.

Stephen Manson for #BeCrueltyFree New Zealand said “This is a positive step for New Zealand and brings us closer into line with the growing international move away from animal testing of cosmetics. We hope that the next move by the government will be to end the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics. We can then play our full role in ending this practice globally.”

Chrissie xx

70’s Boho Chic

70's Boho
Combining 70’s chic, relaxed boho style and tribal prints for a classic yet individual look which takes you from day to evening.
Which items would you add to your wardrobe to get the 70’s boho chic vibe?
Chrissie xx