Nourish Protect Smoothing Hand Lotion


This has a really refreshing scent and is antibacterial due to the presence of citrus oil. The aloe vera, shea and (omega rich) sunflower and borage oils work together to make an increadibly hardworking hand lotion that sinks in well without any greasiness. I’d started to get dry flaky skin around my nails but this sorted it out really quickly. I’d watch out for the strong pump though as I ended up squirting it across my bathroom!

P1Nourish Protect Soothing Hand Lotion040250


At £12 for 100ml this is a little expensive but I personally think it’s worth the price conscidering it’s 94% organic, soil association and BUAV approved.

Rating 5/5

Barry M Silk Effect Nail Paint


I’ve given myself the length of Spring to ease myself into pastels, or as I like to call them ice cream colours. As soon as I saw this range I knew I’d start with my nails. I’m still sticking with my safe blue/green pallette but the colour is a lot softer and prettier.

Barry M Nail Paint in Meadow

This goes on exactly as if you are using emulsion paint so it’s best to do two thin coats and be very aware of your brush strokes. It dries to a beautiful matt opaque sheen that looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated. It’s also incredibly long lasting and takes ages to remove. This colour will really pop with my tan this Summer.

I’m going to buy blossom next, a lovely pinky peach colour.

My Mission: To Keep ‘Normal’ Hours


I’ve unsuccessfully tried to keep ‘normal’ waking and sleeping hours since I left college age 19. I managed (with the relentless help of my Mum) to keep different 9-5 jobs, the longest being a year before getting sacked for being late too many times.

The second part age 27-28 away from home I got insomnia for an entire year. I survive the work day on a cocktail of pro-plus and Red Bull. On the bus home I’d be barley conscious then once home, I’d fall asleep sat up (sometimes with my tea on my lap) for an hour or two, then I’d be wide awake until around 4:00am or until the sun started to make an appearance. Then at 7.00am I’d get brutally jerked into consciousness half way through a sleep cycle by my alarm and actually feel hungover. Then with a sinking heart I’d realise I had to do it all over again.

I’ve got better over the last 5 years, now I sleep deeply and I feel physically refreshed upon waking up naturally.

These things are still messed up though:

I find it difficult to switch my weird and varied thoughts off.

My dreams are either based around a frenetic uni life (I never had) or an Indiana Jones style adventure, leaving me mentally exhausted upon waking.

I honestly don’t wind down until 12.00am

I don’t actually do enough in the day to tire me out but doing too much exhausts me into a stressed mess.

I’m having to stay up because I’ve eaten too much, too late.

My Mission

Wake up before 9.00am

Get my ass out of bed before 10.00am

Remember to take phone to bed with pretty jingly-jangly alarm on.

Have a vague idea what to wear so I’m presentable in under 30mins.

Eat breakfast an hour after getting up – no later.

Start exercising early evening before I even think about parking my arse in front of the telly.

Eat light evening snack before 10.00pm

Switch off all screens an hour before bed.

Go to bed before 12.00am

Spend around 15 mins thinking about my day and the next day, then just concentrate on my breathing instead of being all wired and creative.


Ignoring my iPod before bed will be a serious test!

Getting to sleep without going over random scenarios in my brain or asking myself deep questions will be tough. I’m at my most creative in that in between stage.

The waking up shouldn’t be a problem, having the will to haul my ass out of bed however…

Wish me luck!

Has anyone got any tips?

Why Should A Women’s Appearance = Her Value?


I hate the fact that people instantly (and often harshly) judge women on their looks – even other women. Making huge assumptions about wether a stranger is gay or straight or bi, wether or not to even bother acknowledging their presence or listening to their opinions. Ultimately judging their value based purely on appearance in an instant.

I’m lucky to have got to know a diverse range of people over the years who are compelling, imaginative, kind and supportive, precisely because I’ve withheld judgment and made the effort to get to know them – properly.


I’ve always been inspired by women like Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, Patti Smith, Karen O, Juliette Lewis and Skin from Skunk Anansie. These are all strong, intelligent women who have their own very individual style, who are attractive precisely for those reasons.

Massively famous celebrities like Beyonce, Angelina and Drew Barrymore are all naturally pretty but they are also inspiring for their charity efforts, their support of other women and the fact they are amazingly canny business women. This often comes across in glossy magazine interviews but those interviews are often bookended by impossibly perfect, airbrushed photo shoots and advertisements.

So it’s not surprising that the supportive feminist message isn’t quite getting through to our subconscious on a daily basis.

Most days I look like a uni-student, an emo, a rock chick, a bit of a slob even. I have long wild hair, I’m not obsessively arsed about the exact amount of hours my foundation stays in place for and my eye liner is permanently smudged.

I love playing COD, chatting about fantasy and sci-fi series and watching extreme sports rather than fashion vloggers on You Tube. I say ‘dude’ and ‘awesome’ way too much and you will never catch me describing something as ‘amaze’ or ‘totes fabs’. I don’t gush over cupcake designs on Pinterest or give a crap about who designed which medieval torture devise pair of high heels.

According to the opinions of a vast majority of society all of the above must mean women like me are a) Too laddish and not interested in being feminine b) Therefor a lesbian, or c) A clueless girl to be pitied and patronisingly taken on as someone’s project d) Fine to be the butt of a snide comment.

Ok so it’s not the end of the world and we all know to ignore strangers idle or rude opinions on our appearance. But if one chooses to calmly walk down the street wearing their shirt as a skirt and their trousers as a top whilst wearing a cat on their head – it shouldn’t matter!

It’s ridiculous that women are required to look perfectly preened in order to be taken seriously by other women. When we do this to each other, we are really only doing it to ourselves. The notion that we must constantly act and dress overtly femininely to be worthy of male attention is also ridiculous. If I’m nipping to the shops, I’m most likely going in my tracky bottoms and The Blokes jumper, to be honest. However a person chooses to look does not give passing groups of men or bitchy women a license to judge harshly – or at all.

So next time we catch ourselves making lazy assumptions, lets stop and try to see with more than just our eyes.



Peppy Galore – Diva Facial Cleansing Oil


You have combination skin with oily patches then you should slap a load more oil onto your face – yeah right! Well, yes actually. Used properly the right facial cleansing oil (this one being a blend of natural oils and vitamin E) can be incredibly effective. I used one previously with a consistency that was to thick and heavy for my skin but this one is so light, it’s wonderful.

Peppy Galore, Diva Cleansing Oil for Sensitive Skin

In the evening I massage two squirts of this into my palms and press them against my face. Then I dip a cotton pad into warm water and wipe away the days make-up. Then I rinse with warm water and then cold to close my pores. My complexion remains moisturised and balanced through till the next day. No dry/oily ups and downs or having to deal with the scary results of this in the morning.

£14.95 for 95kg is the higher end of what I like to pay for beauty products but I can tell this will last me quite a while and the transformative effect this has had on the behaviour of my skin has totally surprised me!

Rating 5/5



March Round-up & Link Share


March has been a weird mixture of a month for me, part staying in, part socialising, part serious, part silly.

I’ve been feeling much more upbeat and optimistic this month for some reason. I think it’s to do with seeing all of the bluebells and daffodils springing up everywhere and the Collard Dove couple who we feed on the window ledge have had a new ‘Egg’ which we are really chuffed about. It keeps scrabbling at the glass and trying to join us in the living room, aaaw!


For Mothers Day I helped my Mum get into cruelty-free skin care by introducing her to The Body Shops aloe range, which she was really pleased about after feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect. I learned via Facebook (of all bloody places) that one of my mates is unexpectedly pregnant – unexpected for me at least!

I went to cancel my Graze box subscription (after running out of special offers etc.) and they offered me a box half-price and the inclusion of just my favourite snacks. Oh go on then, just one more. I got offered 20% off the March Souk Souk beauty box, so me and my Ma decided to go halves on it. Product reviews to follow…

Souk Souk March Beaty Box products

I attended a friend’s daughter’s 21st birthday party. Nothing like someone’s 21st to make you feel ancient! It was a great house-party though which included all ages but I felt awkward dancing with the tweens and teens (what is the appropriate way to dance with 12-15 year old’s when Missy Elliott is on? Not the way I would normally would dance to it in a club, that’s for sure.) but also a little bored at the beginning chatting with the adults about house prices and good schools ect. At around 1.00am after the people who’d had too much ‘fun’ had been put to bed or been taken home in taxi’s, us hardcore oldies all started dancing to Abba. Turns out that is my idea of a good time!

I’ve been after a rubber iPod case for a while, to stop my iPod constantly slipping out of my grasp when I loose concentration. Ok when I’m sitting on the couch but disastrous when I’m out and about. Luckily, I found this adorable little dude on a Market Street stall for a fiver.


His little wings hold onto my hand!


Like an idiot I lost my debit card, cancelled it and then found it again a day later, doh! This month I’ve received duplicate appointment letters, had some appointments cancelled and re-arranged and been given an extra random appointment by my specialist’s dizzy secretary. Rather bizarrely I received a letter dated over a year ago from one of those bobbins job centre/work program companies, who’s incompetence’s you often read about in the news.

Hopefully (if my application is accepted) I’ll start volunteering at Barnado’s charity shop in town soon, which will remind me what it’s like to be a responsible adult again.

Here are my fave posts on the blog this month incase you missed any:

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As always, leave a link to one of your own favourite March posts in the comments if you like.


There’s Socially Awkward & Then There’s Totally Inept!


Ok I have to get this of my chest, or more, off my mind as it’s been annoying me. I went to this thing with quite a few people and it was great – I was doing great. I hadn’t been tactless, missed the point of any conversations or waffled on non-stop as a result of nerves. I’d had a laugh and actually got along with people easily.

We mentioned to each other what we were doing after, wether it was going home, out with friends etc. After few minutes I asked the same thing to one of the er, organisers. Simply to be polite as I was about to pack up my stuff. Well, from the look on her face I new straight away she’d assumed I was bluntly chatting her up! Er, no. So I panicked and went into full on blather mode and asked “Are you two together?” What I meant to say was “Have you two TRAVELLED together?” The woman answered awkwardly. I saw the two other people give an amused OMG look to each other and start laughing. I quickly but in a very dead-pan way said “I meant travelled together – from London, as your obviously not from Manchester. I know most people that do your job come up from London.” “Oh right!” was the reply. So yeah, the whole time I managed not to miss-understand anyone’s point of view, then right at the end my stupid wonky brain made it so someone miss-understood me, in the most embarrassing way! Mortified doesn’t cover it.


I swear, some days I shouldn’t be allowed out in public for my own good. *shakes head*

Anyone had any similar sh!t happen to them?