Alt 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons #2 Beatle Juice & Lydia Deetz

Alt 80's & 90's Film & TV Style Icons: Lydia Deetz
This film is perfect for Halloween, whether you want to be Beetle Juice or get preppy-goth like Lydia Deetz or accessorise a red lace dress with a vail and a creepy doll!

September Monthly Round-up


On the blog this month there’s been style…

Alternative 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons  the first in a series.

Street style in sorbet shades

A softer rock-chick look 

Beauty reviews…

Younique amazing Moodstruck fibre mascara, mineral pigments & lip gloss

Orly polish in Sheer Nude

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

And of course lifestyle…

Are You Being Too Nice  where I ponder how constantly being a good person can sometimes be a bad thing!

Foods Which Reduce Inflammation came from my own health concerns but seeing as inflammation can be the cause and the symptom of many different problems, I thought I would share foods to introduce and to avoid.

I try my hand at crafting with the simplest kit I can find and I actually enjoy it!

I’m so gutted to hear that Company magazine has been cancelled and they will only be online from now on. I liked the feel of the semi-matt paper and I thought the graphic art work made the mag resemble an art students journal. I’m keeping hold of my last copy and wish I’d kept the rest now!


I donated a bag of stuff to the Manchester women’s shelter – well their head quarters. It started off with clothes and shoes me and my Mum were taking to the charity shop and her saying she wished she could just hand it to people who really needed it. Then I realised I had a massive amount of spare products like moisturiser, exfoliator, body butter etc. that had either been sent to me for review or didn’t suit me. Women’s Aid also accepts barely used make-up to cover bruises and help women feel confident in interviews. Then a toothbrush got added to the bag and some socks and so on, until we had a massive bag! We have a basket under the living room table now to put anything in we don’t use.


The Bloke found this Waterfront Merlot – a combination of plum, black cherry and dark chocolate – on sale in Tesco. He knows that I like reds which are slightly sweet with a little spice and rich flavours. This was delicious but rather heavy so I only had two glasses.

blue ruin

I watched a good indie film called Blue Ruin about a homeless man that left his family in tragic circumstances. He’s out for vengeance but soon realises this entails so much more than he first thought. The film has a relaxed pace at first but the it picks up as the story is revealed. There is action throughout but this film is more of a character study, which I liked.

Alt 80’s and 90’s TV & Film Style Icons #1 Matilda from the film Leon

Indie 80's and 90's TV & Film Style Icons

I’ve cheekily replaced Matilda’s stripy green and yellow kids shorts with black ones to make the whole look more coherent and grown up.

I’m going to be posting this feature every Sunday in future.

Which alternative/unexpected 80’s & 90’s film & TV style icons would you like to see?

The Perfect Nude Polish! Orly ‘Sheer Nude’

The Perfect Nude Polish! Orly ‘Sheer Nude’

When I saw Cosmopolitan magazine where giving away my fave polish brand I grabbed a copy quick! There’s gold, red, hot pink and this nude to choose from. I’ve been trying to find a good nude for a while that doesn’t have a solid candy finish.

Orly Sheer Nude nail polish


As the name suggests this is very sheer and you just need one thin coat to get a subtle French nail effect. Any further coats will look odd. I know, I tried.

Orly 'sheer nude' nail polish



Classic colour and finish

Fills ridges surprisingly well

Quick drying

Has a really mild scent so no complaints from other people in the room


it’s only sample sized :0(


Younique Cosmetics Review

Younique Cosmetics Review



When I received an entirely new way of applying fibber mascara, a lip gloss and some samples of Youniques mineral pigments I was excited to try something new. I’m impressed with the brand as they use natural products and provide a range of shades to suit all skin tones.

Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes consist of a transplanting gel and natural green tea fibbers. I adore the luxury case!


The mineral pigments can be used as eyeshadow or mixed with clear lip gloss or clear nail polish to get your desired colour. Very versatile!








I applied Innocent, a dense creamy shade all over my lids up to my brow bone. I followed this with Sassy a rich sparkly pink colour all over my lids and then I used Confident, a deep brown on the outer corners.

Unfortunately mineral pigments are notoriously difficult when it comes to showing up on camera but I did my best. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.





It took a little experimenting but I found the pigment was easiest to apply using my fingers and then blended with a very soft blending brush. To intensify the colour I used a damp rouded brush to go over the pigment once it was evenly in place. You only need to use a small amount of pigment at a time, otherwise you will end up with very sparkly cheeks!


Now for the mascara – amazing! You are advised to either use your own mascara or go straight for the transplanting gel. I used the thick jet black gel first which glides on really easily without clumping, and then applied the tiny, super soft fibres (while the gel was still wet), followed by more gel and more fibres and then sealed it with a last coat of gel. I never would have guessed my long but very sparse eyelashes could ever look like this! I got asked asked several times by my friends what mascara I’d started using. No one mentioned falsies though, so they do look really natural. It was also surprisingly easy to wash off. I think I might cry when I run out of this genius mascara!



This is the kind of gloss that I love: Opaque with a good depth of colour but not too sticky. It does stay put however, even through snacking. This natural pinky – peach shade in ‘Luxe’ is a very similar colour to my own lips but prettier and shinier – obviously.

I’m going to mix the mineral pigments into some clear nail polish to see what shades I can achieve. The pigments can also be used as hair chalk. I could colour in my fringe with ‘Regal’ when my dye starts to fade in my fringe.

Younique is available in the UK from 1st November through the website or you can order through a Facebook virtual party or you can email

Foods Which Reduce Inflammation


“Inflammation is an immune system response to environmental irritants, toxins, and infection. When the immune system is activated by one of these intruders, pro-inflammatory hormones signal the white blood cells to rush in and clean up the infected or damaged tissue. Once the invaders have been subdued, anti-inflammatory agents move in to begin the healing process.

In a normal immune system, a natural balance exists between inflammation and the anti-inflammatory agents. But in some cases, the immune system gets stuck in high gear, and symptoms of inflammation do not recede. This is known as chronic inflammation.”
Exert taken from Integrative

Inflammation can aggravate conditions such as arthritis, gout and pain in general. However, chronic brain inflammation can worsen the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD, Aspergers, dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Having an unhealthy diet and gut can cause inflammation of our brains and our bodies – after all we are what we eat.

Foods That Reduce Inflammation


Sweet potato


Pomegranates or juice


Almond Milk
Pine nuts
Cashews (cashew butters and cheeses)


Flax seed
Hemp seed
Sunflower seeds

Dark chocolate

Green tea




Nuts (mentioned previously)
Soy (soy milk, tofu, soy ‘cheese’ spreads)

Flax seeds
Hemp seeds
Olive oil
Canola oil
Grape seed oil
Walnut oil

B12 & Vitamin D are essential for healthy brain function:

Egg yolk

Foods To Avoid

Sunflower oil
Fatty red meat
Added sugar
Processed foods and flours (ready meals, white bread, wheat pasta, white rice)
Alcohol in excess
Highly acidic foods can trigger inflammation in some people such as citrus fruit, strawberries, grapefruit, tomatoes.

Reference: Intergrative Psychiatry .net. Shereen Lehman, MS, Nutrition Expert. Dakota Karratti for Live Strong .com. Nearologist Dr Majid Fotuhi. Douglas Cowan Psy.D for oneADDplace .com

Are you being too nice?


Most of us are taught from an early age that we should be nice to people and not deliberately exclude anyone. When we grow up however, we have to WANT to be generous, helpful and sympathetic to a person, otherwise trying to be ‘nice’ can come across as patronising or obviously fake.

On the other hand…

Being overly nice isn’t going to get everyone to like you and it can easily come across as desperate or even stalker-ish to new people!

With friends and family if we are always overly generous and forgiving with everyone, eventually, even the most well meaning of people will start to take advantage of our nice nature.

How many of us have been long time friends or partners with a seemingly outgoing person who’s always in the middle of some drama? It’s easy to become the person who just provides them with constant attention and an ego boost, which gets thrown back in our face the minute we stop.

Being too nice can mean we are accidentally flirting! If someone fancies us or is having a bad day and feeling unloved and then we are suddenly really nice to them, they might easily take it the wrong way. Then what happens? We don’t correct them because we feel bad about being mean because we are too nice! Awkward.

There are times when our nice nature can breed our own resentment. I know we shouldn’t just do a favour to get one in return but when we knock ourselves out to be considerate and helpful but don’t get that same level in return, it can be rather depressing. Which leads to one of these conversations “You are so ungrateful! All the things I do for you…”

We need to understand sometimes other people are too busy to have the time to reciprocate or too stressed maybe to notice. It’s never a good trait to deliberately be a martyr and hold it over everyone anyway.

Still, constantly being, doing and thinking things for others – even with the best of intentions – can be exhausting and frustrating. We need to put ourselves first sometimes without feeling guilty.

Anyone else do some of these?

So the question is: Exactly how nice are we meant to be?