Are you being too nice?


Most of us are taught from an early age that we should be nice to people and not deliberately exclude anyone. When we grow up however, we have to WANT to be generous, helpful and sympathetic to a person, otherwise trying to be ‘nice’ can come across as patronising or obviously fake.

On the other hand…

Being overly nice isn’t going to get everyone to like you and it can easily come across as desperate or even stalker-ish to new people!

With friends and family if we are always overly generous and forgiving with everyone, eventually, even the most well meaning of people will start to take advantage of our nice nature.

How many of us have been long time friends or partners with a seemingly outgoing person who’s always in the middle of some drama? It’s easy to become the person who just provides them with constant attention and an ego boost, which gets thrown back in our face the minute we stop.

Being too nice can mean we are accidentally flirting! If someone fancies us or is having a bad day and feeling unloved and then we are suddenly really nice to them, they might easily take it the wrong way. Then what happens? We don’t correct them because we feel bad about being mean because we are too nice! Awkward.

There are times when our nice nature can breed our own resentment. I know we shouldn’t just do a favour to get one in return but when we knock ourselves out to be considerate and helpful but don’t get that same level in return, it can be rather depressing. Which leads to one of these conversations “You are so ungrateful! All the things I do for you…”

We need to understand sometimes other people are too busy to have the time to reciprocate or too stressed maybe to notice. It’s never a good trait to deliberately be a martyr and hold it over everyone anyway.

Still, constantly being, doing and thinking things for others – even with the best of intentions – can be exhausting and frustrating. We need to put ourselves first sometimes without feeling guilty.

Anyone else do some of these?

So the question is: Exactly how nice are we meant to be?

Foco Coconut Water with Mango

Foco Coconut Water with Mango

Foco coconut water

I’ve tried quite a few brands of coconut water, from artificially sweet to undrinkable and bitter, this is the best by far! It contains only pure coconut water and mango juice and quenches your thirst much more than water. I bought this from Tesco, where they also stock the Raspberry and Lychee flavours.

You will probably have heard people mentioning the fact that coconut water is wonderful ┬ábecause it contains electrolytes. Here’s what that actually means.


Cheaper, more refreshing and without masses sugar which sports drinks have. It does need to be refrigerated once opened though, which isn’t great for the the gym but perfect for a hangover.

Review: Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes. Blemish Treatment Concealer.

Review: Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes. Blemish Treatment Concealer.




I discovered an offer to get two sample sized and one full sized freebie when purchasing anything from Murad. I’d been looking for a medicated concealer for a while so I pleased to learn Dr Murad is a leading Dermatologist covering all areas, with an extensive problem skin range.

Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for eyes & Blemish Treatment Concealer.

Rapid Collagen Infusion ‘reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 2 hours’. Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser ‘Immediate hydration that firms and awakens the delicate eye area.’ Both part of the Age Reform range. Blemish Treatment Concealer. I also received a full sized Intensive-C Radiance Peel, which I’ll review separately.



Ok I know it says ‘fine’ lines and these are more like crevasses (I was hung over and quite bloated) so it was quite an extreme test! I was angled slightly to the side but that isn’t exaggerating these babies, I assure you!




2 hours later and I’m impressed! There is a definite softening and plumping of the lines. So much so, The Bloke just asked what magic makeup I’d used and (apart from a little concealer on the centre of my forehead) I was bare-faced! I really hope the radiance peel is as effective. I’m glad I got the other items free as the concealer in ‘Medium’ turned out to be a shade too light for my pale olive/yellow toned skin and that’s the darkest they do! I love the creamy consistency of it though and It’s not too oily or too drying like some others I’ve used, so I would recommend it.

Docrafts Sew & So On Christmas

Docrafts Sew & So On Christmas

I don’t do much crafting but my sowing skills are good enough to mend mine and The Blokes clothes, so I thought I’d get crafting for Christmas.

I chose the Sew & So On, Star & Tree Decorations Kit from Docraft which makes 2 Stars & 2 Tree ornaments.

Pack contains:
6 X Fabric Pieces
4 X Buttons
4 X Ribbon
You will need your on sowing needle and glue (if you choose to use it).


The photograph instructions are really easy to follow and are universal. You need to remember to put the loops on the inside of the decoration (which will become the outside when reversed). The threads on the canvas are very raw around the edges so it’s a good idea to make the seam around a centimetre wide, so it won’t fray.


I decided to put the little buttons on the top of my trees like stars. I used the canvas and the check cloth for each of my stars as I thought the check was really pretty.

*I was sent this kit from docrafts for review purposes.

Monthly Round-up


This month has zoomed by so fast it!

I’ve Been Drinking…

Ale recently (thanks to various beer festivals in Manchester!) and discovered I like pale ale (IPA’s) that have a slight nutty taste but aren’t too hoppy. This McEwan’s Champion is a really light, easily drinkable one.


Something I’ve learned…

On a washing machine the ‘crease guard’ function does the same job as the ‘rinse hold’ button, meaning if you open the door at that point the water will come flooding out and it’s a LOT of water!

I’ve Been Collaborating With…

I was invited by Lime Venue Portfolioto collaborate on a map of all of my fave places in Manchester that are worth a visit. I’d been thinking of doing this in some form for some time. I chose cultural places including Whitworth Art Gallery, great places to eat for all budgets, interesting areas to visit like China Town, places to shop featuring some unusual places with a long Manc history such as Affleck’s and Kingbee Records and places to grab a beer and watch a band at the end of a busy day including Band On The Wall. Everything within a five mile radius of the town centre.

Things to do in Manchester

Blogging Events…

I was invited to a fabulous make up master class by wonderful makeup artist Cassie Lomas at Superdrug in the Arndale, using their cruelty free B. products.

I got invited to the Disaronno Terrace event outside the Oast House and learned that I love a Disaronno Sour as it’s refreshing and not too sickly, meaning I can have lots of them!

I’ve Been Cheating Eating….

Chocolate covered pretzels! Who remembers these from the 90’s?


Now the seasons are changing here’s my sensible comfort food…

Vegan Red Pesto with wheat free pasta and to warm me up, miso soup which aids digestion as it contains live cultures.


Break through….

Along with Vit B12 shots I’ve been prescribed vitamin D supplements as I’ve been found to have the lowest level of bit D the haematologist had ever seen. Not that I’m boasting ;0)

This means I’ll finally be able to absorb calcium and my joints & spine will be stronger, and I will be able to develop more muscle to support them. It also means I will have better neuromuscular function – so no more twitches of my nerves or crappy co-ordination/fumbling things – hurrah!

D deficiency and B12 deficiency and eating wheat and dairy (especially if intolerant to it) and consuming too much alcohol (which I did throughout my early teens and 20’s) vastly contributes to inflammation on the brain (which worryingly showed up in my scan 12 months ago), which in turn can contribute to ADD & ADHD, which I’ve had all of the symptoms of since childhood and still have. Although 15 months later I’m still waiting for an official diagnoses. It all makes sense now! I’ve found some brilliant eating plans for reducing brain inflammation and clever coping strategies for ADHD online. All of that research took less than an hour!

Camera’s POV…

My Panasonic Lumix has a touch screen which you can swipe through to review pictures or press to take a shot. It’s highly sensitive and just clicks away as if by it’s self constantly. Sometimes I get some random points of view that I quite like.



Guilty Confession….

I bought more black boots! But they were both – yes both – in the sale – well, I know one pair was. Plus, both of my old one’s fell apart!

What’s your guilty confession this month?

What have you learned?

What new yumminess have you discovered?