October Monthly Round-up

Happy Halloween everyone! Is it just me or have the shops and the media been pushing Halloween since the start of October this year?

I’ve been watching…

The Leftovers a dark sci-fi show about 20% of the worlds population suddenly vanishing into thin air. The series staring Justin Theroux focuses on a fairly small town of people who are trying to get on with life three years later including a strange cult (that isn’t actually a cult). This can be quite dark at times but it is a good drama. I just hope the writers have a plan and it doesn’t take a Twin Peaks/Lost route.

Rougue now in it’s second series, features Thandie Newton as Grace travis an ex undercover agent turned ‘handler’ who chooses to go back under cover. We not only follow the very dysfunctional team but the back story of bad guys and we learn how rogue’s choices are effecting her fractured family.

I’ve been listening to…

Lulu James The Sweetest Thing – Robin Paris Remix
Lulu James The Sweetest Thing – Robin Paris Remix

I’ve been eating…

At Pizza Express (including review) which was a nice change from Thai and Indian food, which we normally have when we go out or order in.

I’ve discovered a blog called…

Super Space Chick a cool geek blog about sci-fi, fantasy, manga, gaming and style, created by the awesome Kristin.

I’ve been playing…

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which is seriously solid if you play this on ‘Hard’ but a lot of fun on ‘Easy’ running around blowing up tanks with anti-aircraft guns and then blowing up the guns with C4 or rocket launchers. The graphics are exceptionally realistic looking, the gameplay slick and the missions are basic but gripping. Note: There is a really grizzly disturbing seen at the end of the first mission (that I can’t bear to watch) so be warned.

I’ve been posting…

My Alternative 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons series.

I was sent the perfect Rockabilly style dress for me.

I’ve found the best cookbooks for absolute beginners.

I took part in Blogtober post prompts and read lots of others.

What I’ve learned…

No matter how old and how many times your blue jeans have been washed, there is still enough dye in them to make your whites look a lovely pastel blue colour. It actually brightened some of them up, which wasn’t so bad.

Chrissie xx


Halloween Film Guide For Whimps

Not everyone finds being scared poop-less by films a lot of fun but they still want to get into the er, spirit of things.

Ratings: W= Not remotely scary really WW= Has it’s creepy moments WWW= Maybe a few scary moments.

Gremlins (1984)


Cute, adorable and deadly if you don’t look after him.

Ghostbusters (1984)


This film is just a massive amount of fun! A group of ghost busting guys in New York city.

Beetlejuice (1988)

Beetlejuice 1988

Fantasy horror at it’s craziest. If you happen to find you are dead or your horrible parents buy a haunted house, then you might need the help of crazy-as-a-box-of-frogs Beetlejuice – I say might.

Braindead (1992)

braindead 1992

Zombie babies anyone? I think this film still holds the award for most amount of fake blood used in a film. It’s gory yes, but every seen is played for laughs and it’s too ridiculous to be scary. Directed by Peter Jackson before oddly enough.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

hocus pocus 1993

If witches and fantasy films are your thing you will love this.

Casper (1995)


Yes, this is a kids film with lots of CGI but it’s also a family drama and unexpectedly romantic.

Ginger Snaps (2000)


This cult series of three films get progressively darker but the first is the least creepy. How would you help your sister if she were slowly turning into a teenage werewolf? Nothing like Teenwolf I assure you.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

jennifers_body_poster 2009

So your beautiful best friend has an insidious appetite for men, literally.

Fright Night (2011)

Fright Night 2011

I loved the original film from 1985 and had a huge crush on the vampire neighbour. It looks quite dated now so I’ve included this remake in the list instead. This feels more like a sexy psycho thriller than a horror film, somehow.

To watch the night before Halloween:
The Crow

People make the mistake of thinking this is a horror film but it’s actually a beautiful tragic love story. A heartbroken man returns from the grave (the night before Halloween) to avenge his fiancés murder. A poignant, violent, noir-fantasy with dark humour.

Now lets get some popcorn started…

Chrissie xx

Veggie Review: Pizza Express

Veggie Review: Pizza Express




Me and The Bloke are fond of Pizza Express because unlike some other chain restaurants they make the food fresh, are reasonably priced and use quality ingredients, and they have an extensive menu.

Usually it’s easy to find one that’s fairly quiet on a Wednesday but unfortunately we chose the Piccadilly restaurant at around 6.00pm where they had really crammed as many tables in as possible. Silly us!

Best Virgin Bloody Marry I’ve tasted and no celery stick – thank goodness!

pizza express starter

For starters I ordered Melanzanine. The tomato sauce was thick and rich, the cheese stretchy and tasty and the aubergine perfectly cooked, although I would have liked more chunks. I liked the cute little pot it was cooked and presented in.


My pizza being traditionally hand stretched in their open kitchen.
Pizza express making pizza fresh

Although there are plenty of options to choose giant salads, pasta and calzonies for the maines, this pizza addict always ignores them! I ordered a Leggera Padana and when it arrived my first thought was there’s a lot of lettuce on here with the spinach. I adored the sweet onion pickle but I thought it needed less pickle and more goats cheese to balance out the sweetness. I folded my pizza up and ate it like a calzonne which made the flavour combinations work really well. Clearly, I should try one next time.
Pizza Express pizza

The Honeycomb Cream Slice was the best desert I’ve ever tasted! Salted caramel has been popular for a while now but having never tried it, I was pleased to see it on the desert menu. The plain vanilla ice cream went perfectly with the salted caramel and crunchy biscuit base with the cream adding a luxurious texture.

Pizza Express salted caramel desert

How Many Vegetarian Options?
Intros: All veggie
To Share: Non veggie
Starters: All but one are veggie
Sides: All but one are veggie
Salads: 2/6
Al Forno: 2/5
Pizza: 12/36
Desert: All veggie

There is a large range of gluten free options or dishes that can be adapted. This mainly being a pizza joint, don’t expect it to be vegan friendly. Dishes including nut traces are also marked.












Who’d Play You In A Movie #Blogtober14 Day 26

I’d been on IMDb for ages and the only actresses I could find who looked like me were black, just a tad inaccurate then, ha!

Then I remembered a great young actress called Sarah Jeffery who plays Thandie Newtons daughter in the series Rougue. She looks really quite similar to me when I was about 13, same height and build as well.


As for who I’d really love to play me – given a lot of artistic licence – it would have to be Michelle Rodriguez. Everyone says she picks the type of tough chick roles that I’d be auditioning for if I was an actress and I agree.


The green contact lenses would be out in force at this point!


Alt 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons: The Craft

The Craft

Chrissie xx

A Note To Men

Thank you to the type of men who realise it’s not nagging when a woman is asking what time you will be back or when you are planning to get that thing done.

Thank you for just telling us without a fuss.

Thank you to the type of men who realise we just need to know in order to plan our day or to know when we should start worrying if you are out much later than expected – especially at night.

Thank you on behalf of all women kind to the men who are thoughtful and always do this. You are lovely. xx