Party Fashion For Tall Women

Party Fashion For Tall Women
Even crop tops, playsuits and mini dresses are wearable from the ‘tall’ section of these brands and Mango has really generous leg and hem lengths.

Geek Christmas Gift Guide

For the geek in your life who already seems to have everything…Or just a cheeky treat for yourself after all of those taxing Christmas preparations.

Fraggle Rock tee – Truffle Shuffle £19.99


Marvel Comics Characters Messenger Bag – Truffle Shuffle £24.99


The Art of – My neighbour Totoro – Waterstones £17.10

My neighbour Totoro The Art of

Groot Guardians Of The Galaxy Pop! Vinyl Figure – Forbidden Planet £8.99



Tetris Ice Cube Tray – Lazybone £7.24


PS4 DualShock Controller Camo – Dell £64.99

PS4 DualShock Controller Camo

I’ve already bought the Fraggle Rock tee, I confess.

Chrissie xx

Important Food For Your Brain

Important Food For Your Brain

Regular readers will know that I’ve been a little wonky and weird all of my life where my concentration, memory and my recall (among other things) are concerned. As a side effect of looking into why this is, I was diagnosed with incredibly low levels of vitamin B12 or D. So I’ve been having B12 shots and taking vit D capsules for around a year which has improved my energy levels massively and means that I wake up feeling refreshed rather than confused and totally exhausted. Just shows you what an effect vitamins can have!

I still wanted to tackle my concentration and memory problems though (without invasive tests) so when Scholar’s Nutrition asked if I’d like to review their Brain Food supplements – after consulting with my Dr – I jumped at the chance.

Brain Food DHA Scholar's Nutrition

A months supply of 30 veggie capsules contain DHA, Phosphatidylserine and B vitamins 5 & 6. DHA is given to premature babies to promote their neurological development and promotes neurological health and normal brain (and eye) function in adults.The DHA is sourced from algae rather than oily fish so it’s perfect for vegetarians. Brain Food retails at £21.99

Ingredients: DHA rich oil from the micro algae Schizochytrium sp, Phosphatidylserine, d-alpha tocapherol (vitamin E), Calcium Pantothenate (vitamin B5), Pyrodoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6), Potassium Iodine. Contains soya.


The effects Brain Food has had on my…


Normally it feels like my thoughts are floating around and I can’t pin them down or a thought zooms by so fast when I open my mouth to express it it’s gone already. Since I’ve started taking these supplements it’s like my thought fog has cleared a little and I’m able to think with more clarity. I’m know for starting sentences in the middle and then putting my point into context at the end, which requires a lot of patience from the listener but I’m getting a little better at this. I seem to be absorbing more details of what people are telling me as well, rather than just the overall gist of the conversation.


I have to mention my improved ability to recall words, names and places. A lot of the time I reach into my mental dictionary for the optimum word which describes what I mean, only to be like “it’s er, you know, when you kinda…” and I have to settle for an easier word or even explain the meaning of the word which sort of defeats the purpose!

I’ve noticed many times over the last month that I’m talking fluently and quickly without as many er’s and ah’s and that I’m more articulate. The Bloke and my friends have even noticed this change – probably because I look so pleased with myself when I recall the specific word I want to use with more ease.


This means keeping track of the order of something, be it the process of making a cup of tea, adding up figures, the order of letters that make up a word or the structure of a sentence. My sequencing was pretty poor. Over the passed month my typing seems to be making more sense, I’m able to keep a running tally of the price of three items as I find them in the super market (if no one distracts me) and I haven’t added milk to my tea before the hot water once. I still come out with babble and have to start my sentence again but everyone does that if they’re rushing.


As far as my memory is concerned it’s not got better but as I’m able to concentrate better I recognise there is something I’m meant to do i.e.. Phone the bank for some reason or buy a certain thing while out food shopping. Even if I’m not sure what or why specifically, at least it’s on my radar so it will pop into my head later.


I’m finding it easier to calm my racing thoughts when I’m trying to get to sleep. Like I’m more in control of what or even when my mind is thinking.

My verdict

This isn’t the type of thing I can really rate but overall I think it’s really helped! I’d recommend this supplement to someone I know who’s struggling with all of the above things due to old age. Some people could argue that I’ve just been practising mindfulness over the last month but I promise you, I’ve tried doing that since my late teens and it’s never worked with any real efficiency, so there you go.

Brain Food is a dietary supplement and one capsule should be taken per day in the morning, along with a healthy balanced diet. If you are on any medication or other prescribed vitamin/mineral supplements you should consult your Dr. before taking Brain Food. People with conditions such as Parkinson’s, alzheimer’s or ADD, should never rely solely on dietary supplements.

Chrissie xx

Fifteen Festive Favourites Tag


Favourite Festive Food
Ferrero Rocher for breakfast!

Favourite Reindeer
It has to be Rudolph because he was a victim of bullying but his supposed disability became his advantage. However I thought he was a tad needy not to tell the other narrow minded reindeers to shove their sudden friendship and invites to ‘reindeer games’ ;0)

Favourite Day Of Christmas
Right at the start of Christmas day, when I wake up from whatever crazy dream I’ve been having and happily realise what day it is.

Favourite Christmas Song

I think this is the most relatable and contemporary festive song I know. Plus I love singing along to it as I think the words are really honest.

I do like that nostalgic feeling of being a teen that East17’s Stay gives me but the lyrics aren’t actually about Christmas.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas always makes me emotional if it’s in a film. Beautiful old song.

Favourite Christmas Present
When the film E.T came out I begged my parents for the official and very cute pleather covered toy which sold out instantly. A neighbour saw the devastated look on my face and gave me her kids E.T. toy (who wasn’t remotely arsed about it) and that made my whole year!







Favourite Festive Film
Home Alone. The first full on slapstick comedy I’d ever seen. I watched it with my cousin as a kid and it made her cringe but I found the unapologetic violence directed at the baddies hilarious, hehee!

And now there is Elf…

Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
When I was a kid one year we got proper posh crackers and I won a miniature Philips head screw driver set and sharp fold up scissors. I still have both and use them frequently.

Favourite Cracker Joke
Q: What do you call a blind Reindeer?
A: No eyedeer.
Not one for the kids I guess.

Favourite Christmas Decoration
We had this angel with blonde fluffy hair and the older she got the more irreparably crazy her hair got and the more wonky her tinsel halo went but we loved her.
Now it’s the gel decorations that stick on the windows/mirrors.

Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
It has to be cinnamon as it’s the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. A lot of my perfumes have cinnamon notes.

Favourite Christmas TV Advert
I love/hate the John Lewis add where the kid realises his penguin is sad all alone and gets him a girlfriend for Xmas then you realise it’s actually his soft toys. I love it because it’s so sweet and cute but I hate it because it plays on your caring emotions to drive you to buy stuff. Plus one bloody penguin costs an astonishing amount to own (around £70) never mind two!

Favourite Festive Tradition
Eating chocolate & canapé’s for brunch and opening presents such as fluffy socks, smellies, Jack Daniels/Sailor Jerries while The Snowman is on TV in the background. Me and my Mum always shed a tear when he melts :,0|

Place To Spend Christmas
As you can probably tell I spend it with my folks for most of the day and then go to The Blokes for the evening.

Favourite Christmas Fact
According to Will I Get A White Christmas we have a 50% chance of snow on Christmas day in Manchester, hmm. Maybe not my fave Xmas fact then, ha!

Favourite Snowman Accessory
A scarf. I like the irony.

Thank you to Keeley from Phat Cupcake for nominating me.

I nominate:
Eva – Head Like Soup
Tasha – Belleza Kisses
Claire – Six Degrees Of Harmony
Freda – This Luxe Life
Kajsa – KJAndersen

Have fun!

Chrissie xx

Funny Search Terms Directed To My Blog

I got this idea from a fantastic blogger named Suzie after she decided to list the bizarre search terms which led people to her blog. I thought I’d check mine out and wasn’t disappointed. Here are some of my weird, funny and *ADULT* one’s and my thoughts on them.



Unexpected big boobs

Who’s boobs? Theirs? Mine? How rude of them not to call first.

Slutty Trousers

This person just gets right down to it when searching for fashion.

Leather Kilt


Park shags in Manchester

I wonder if he ever found a park to shag in wearing his leather kilt?

Sonic Face Scrubber, use as vibrator

I think this could equally be Slutty Trousers Girl or Leather Kilt Bloke googling.

green hippies case Hello Kitty

Maybe they were spying on her to see if she recycles.

purple dress big boobs

But are they the ‘unexpected’ kind?

veggie cream cheese pizza

Nom! nom! NOM!

ass in denim shorts

You won’t want to see mine after I’ve been scoffing loads of that sort of pizza.

sex use toys

I’m really hopping they are trying to find a manual and they haven’t missed out the ‘d’.

fireman’s wife OOTD

Why? Do they wear sexy uniforms as well?

do ihave a Disoredor



What’s your fave?

Chrissie xx