20 (only slightly silly) Ways To Tell If You Are A Grown Up


I was inspired to right this after watching a recent episode of New Girl with the theme of acting like a grown up and what that actually means. In my opinion all of the characters are ridiculously and hilariously immature. So is the proof you are an adult in the things you have i.e. a mortgage, a car, a pension is it in the way you act i.e. admitting you are all having a crappy night out and just want to go home and watch your favourite box set together?

John Lennon

My 30th birthday do was meant to be a big night out in town but people cancelled as they were skint or self conscious of going to bars on a Friday night or working an early shift in the morning. It ended up being just the five of us at home with Spotify as the DJ and a few bowls of nibbles.

I was gutted as I was desperate to give my 20’s a wild send of. I wasn’t ready to have modest gatherings where people bring quality wine. I wanted to down a bottle of Lambrini then go and dance on table in town. The sad thing is, if I’d have relaxed instead of trying to prove something to my self, I’m sure I would have had a lot more fun!

You may have read recently in the Telegraph that Skipton Building Society have come up with a list of ’50 Signs You Are A Grown Up’. I noticed ‘Having children’ was at number 6. and ‘Getting married’ was at number 9. So if you don’t want to get married and like me, you are slightly allergic to kids, then apparently, you are doomed to be a girl version of Peter Pan forever. Actually, that sounds pretty awesome!



I thought there were too many personal life choices in the list for my liking so I made up my own. I chose standard things, which mean you are able to be independent – even if you still get excited by the sound of the ice cream van pulling up and wear socks with cartoon characters on.

20 Ways To Tell You Are A Grown-up

1. Having your own space, wether you are renting, you’ve bought it or are sharing it with a partner or friends.

2. Having enough common sense to be a good driver, regardless of wether you own a car.

3. You clear out the fridge before it turns into it’s own mini eco system.

4. You go food shopping with the idea of making meals rather than filling your trolly with random things that look yummy.

5. Having some idea of your incoming and outgoings and file your statements/receipts (shoving them in a draw doesn’t count). Wether you choose to spend most of your incomings on shoes is up to you.

6. Being responsible for a house plant without accidentally killing it.

7. Being responsible for a pet without accidentally, er…

8. Having nail varnish remover and cotton pads in at the same time so you don’t turn up with chipped nails.

9. Considering others feelings and plans and accept that everything doesn’t revolve around you.

10. Being aware of what is going on in the world politically. Sporadically checking the Guardian news app totally counts.

11. Getting on top of the cleaning, washing and ironing (if you can be bothered to flatten your clothes) without anyone helping you.

12. Having a sense of community and helping out local people or joining in with a project or a campaign.

13. When people older than you ask you for advice or your perspective on a situation. You are now wise!

14. If there was a flood or the lights went off in your home, you would know what to do, other than ringing your parents/partner.

15. Counting backwards eight hours from when you have to get up, so you know when you’re meant to go to bed.

16. You carry a Marry Poppins bag containing everything you could possible need if you’re ‘caught out’.

17. Neighbourhood kids ask you to buy alcohol for them. You refuse.

18. Having ‘best’ crockery, towels, sheets and glasses for when you have company.

19. Religiously taking your make up of before bed (face wipes count, they do).

20. Being mature enough to know your own mind and be responsible for your own decisions.

I just about manage all of these things but concerning how I feel in my heart? I hope I stay young forever!


Scars Are Your Survival Marks



Some of my scars are neat, some are stretch marks and one was very necessary.

Most of us have them in some form or other, wether that be from weight gain or loss, accidents or surgeries, so why not embrace them. You are not defined by them but they are part of the fantastic form that is you.

It’s summer which means hot weather, shorts and vests. However, if you are conscious of scars it can mean fashionably summery maxi skirts and not so summery long sleeved tops. Not only will you feel horrendously hot but you will look a little odd as well. So with that thought in mind, why not embrace looking different and choose not to feel faint with heat exhaustion!

So many blokes when asked if they have any scars will proudly show you. It’s either “How cool/gross is this!” or “I don’t know how I got through that, it was EXTREME!”

I think that is a great attitude to have, don’t you?

Story of my scars: Over eye scar from head butting a rock from running & skidding on gravel- lucky it was just my brow bone. Scar under nose from ridding a bike like a maniac (without a helmet) whilst going around a corner also on gravel – taught me to stop being so bloody reckless! Scar going from middle back around left side of my front from heart operation that saved my life. Scar just below elbow from aforementioned gravel slide which taught me how to patch myself up and looks pretty cool. I have scars from breast reduction surgery that I’m not as confident about but at age 20 measuring a tiny 32″ around and a massive E cup, my confidence and my back were seriously struggling! So I’m glad those scars are there.

Still not convinced?
The good: They do get paler with time. The bad: They might also get wider if you put on weight and will never completely disappear.
Basic almond oil and shea body butter are great for evening out scars and are a lot cheaper than products such as Bio Oil. There’s also the option of buying a floaty sheer kimono or a pale cotton fitted jacket.


Brand Focus: Uncommongoods – Sari Pillow & Bike Chain Bracelet Review

Brand Focus: Uncommongoods – Sari Pillow & Bike Chain Bracelet Review

Uncommongoods were kind enough to let me choose two products to feature and review but first a little bit about the company. They say “At Uncommongoods, we believe that creativity and the expression of individuality represent two great human treasures.” I agree!

As they stock so much it’s easier to break it down into these categories: Presents for the female of the species, unique gifts to suit you and your loved ones and items celebrating anniversaries and your special dates.

Not only does this New York based brand offer beautifully crafted and unusual goods, it also has some sound ethics at it’s heart.

They feature the designers and artists of the products in their catalogue and on their website. They often feature handmade products, sourced from recycled or up cycled material (including their catalogues) and all products are made without harm to animals.

They donate $1 for each item sold to a selection of non-profit organisations, which you can choose from. These include: American Forests and Women for Women International.

They ensure they only use suppliers who treat their workers fairly and they give their own employe’s a decent living wage.

Chevron Sari Pillow

chevron sari pillow

This goes with my couch throw, rather well doesn’t it! Hand made from recycled cotton sari’s this beautiful pillow features traditional Kantha stitching. This pillow normally retails at £35.91 (converted from $).


Good Points


Beautiful vibrant patterns on the sari’s without clashing too much.

The pillow is well stuffed with polyfill making it supportive but also lovely and squishy.

The cushion cover is removable and can be washed easily.

Bad Points

I wish the back of the cushion also had the sari appliqué.

The tacking stitches were left in on some parts but were easily removable.

Chain Bracelet

I’ve wanted one of these for a long time for when I get bored of the usual spike brackets and leather cuffs.

Bike chain bracelet


The story goes that in 1991 Graham Berg got a flat tire while biking to his recycling job and he realised why not do more with the bike parts. His first bike art appeared in galleries in Portland and Oregon and now he has a team of helpful artisans. How cool would a stack of four of these look? Retails at £7.18 (converted from $).

Good Points


Rocker, punk, industrial or just quirky.

The clasp is secure but not a faff to fasten as it just folds over on it’s self, and is fairly easy to release, so no help required.

Bad Points

There aren’t any!

Unexpected Benefits Of Having Big Boobs



If you spill your much loved food when wearing a low neck line you catch it on your boob shelf. Yum cleavage food!

They prop you up when you are sleeping on your stomach. No suffocation from your pillow.

You have built in floats when you go swimming.

You can add shape to that two-sizes- too-big dress you misguidedly bought in the sale.

Doing that chest bump thing men do, is suddenly hilarious!

If your loved ones are upset or sleepy you always have a comforting pillow for them.

How Boob’s got their name, I suspect:


Jessops Photo Festival Manchester


The Jessops Photo Festival running from  31st July – 20th August visits Birmingham, Glasgow, Basingstoke, London and kicks off in Manchester!

Thursday 31st July 10.00 – 14.00

Seminar with Damian McGillyCuddy – Portrait Session on the streets of Manchester.

For more details and to reserve a free place visit Jessops Photo Festival or 0844 800 4444 or email events@jessops.com

You Can Be A Feminist & Let A Man Take Charge


A women who wants the right to equal pay, the right have kids and a career or just the career, the right to sleep with who she wants, the right for her opinion on important issues to be heard, and who wishes the same for other women, is a feminist.

I applaud and support women like this.

However, you can take proving you are strong and independent a little too far.

I was a fairly tough chick who never used to show her emotions – well not the vulnerable ones any way. “Don’t hug me! If you hug me I might cry.” “That’s ok.” “Piss off!”

I would struggle for ages with something fiddly before begrudgingly asking for help.

I was rubbish at accepting advice, especially from a man because that would mean I was admitting I was weaker.

I was an idiot!

It’s ok to let your guard down…

Like a million women out there, I go all giggly when a handsome bloke catches me off guard with a genuine compliment. I appreciate men offering me their hand when I’m walking down a slippery slope. When I’m cold and a dude puts his jacket around my shoulders I’m really happy. Not just because of the warmth but because of the gesture. When I feel poorly or blue a big bear hug from a lovely bloke cheers me up because I feel cared for.


I’m not remotely petite and girly but I love having a big bloke make me feel like I am.

I know I can look after myself most of the time but when walking home at night or when there’s a spider in the bath I want to be protect by a manly man.

When I’m doubting myself or having an emotional wobble I want to be held and told by someone bigger (and older) than me that it’ll be ok because they are there.

I appreciate good old fashioned chivalry and for a man to make me feel safe and special and to spoil me sometimes.

When we want that kind of male support it doesn’t make us weak or hypocritical. It doesn’t mean we are all just lost little girls that NEED men to control and rescue us. It’s simply that, it feels fantastic when you can let yourself be vulnerable enough with a man to admit you want help or reassurance and to accept it. Blokey bear hugs are the best!

Beauty Review: Barry M Cor Balmy!


Cor Balmy Tinted Lip Balm Barry M


Cor Balmy Tinted Lip Balm Barry M

Purple! My ultimate lip colour. I have stains, lip gloss, lipstick in various purple berry colours. I had to dump my go-to purple lip balm as it contained an ingredient I’m mildly intolerant to and I’ve been searching for an equally good cruelty free replacement for around 6 months. Imagine my joy when I came across this shade Currant Bun!

Cor Balmy Tinted Lip Balm Barry M

This has a conditioning core meaning my high maintenance lips never dry up and always remain smooth.


One quick slick gives a hint of colour and two heavier slicks give a fantastic depth of colour. Impressively, even after the gloss has worn off my lips still have a stain of the colour on them.

I use my arm as a tester because everybody’s lips are a different depth of colour. But honestly, when I took a close up my lips they either resembled two lillo’s stacked up or when I pouted, they appeared ridiculously sexual. There was no in-between!

So I shall be stocking up on these as (with all Barry M products) it’s reasonably priced at £3.49.