#Blogtober Day 21 My Pet Peeves

Clothing manufacturers assuming all size 10 people are Hobbits and all size 18 people are giants.

Checkout assistants who zoom your stuff through quickly, expecting you to pack your stuff and pay them at the same time, then they start serving the person behind you before you’ve finished packing or even put your change in your purse.

When someone on the bus before you has clearly been eating a pasty/sandwich and it’s gone everywhere – yuk.

When people have a conversation by yelling at each other while standing at opposite ends of the street.


When people leave their bike on the floor so it’s perfectly blocking the shop doorway.

When people are oblivious to where their toddlers are and the fact they are running into peoples legs and only narrowly missing the corner of your hand basket.

When people on the bus think it’s more important their bag gets a seat than your butt.

Ring pull can lids which only open half way and then when you really yank it the contents go all over your kitchen walls.

When people spot a nice place in the park to chill and dump their litter all over it, so it’s now a crap place for other people to chill.

When you fall over in the street and people just stare at you without asking if you are ok.

When someone is wearing giant padded earphones and yet you can still here that they love thrash metal – at 8.00am on a Monday.

When you go shopping and come back with a bag full, only to realise you forgot the main thing you went shopping for in the first place.

Workers who are granted a tiny bit of authority in their job and go on a total ego trip by lording it over everyone.

When people say “I’m not being rude but…” Then don’t.

People who move to a leafy suburb then spend hours a week noise-polluting their neighbours with effing leaf blowers!

Wow, that feels much better!

What are your pet peeves, any of these?

Chrissie xx

Harvey Nichols Are Still Selling Real Fur!

Harvey Nichols Are Still Selling Real Fur!

Harvey Nichols have quietly started stocking items made from real animal fur again, a year after Fashion Director Paula Reed resigned and the company, very publicly, went fur free.

Items which appeared in a search for “real fur” on Harvey Nichols website: Racoon Fur Stole by Lanvin, rabbit and racoon fur hooded parker by Mackage and fur trim leather gloves by Dents.

Peta’s UK senior programmes manager Yvonne Taylor, sent a letter to Harvey Nichols Chief Executive Officer Stacey Cartwright asking them to reconsider their decision.

“I appreciate that it must be a particularly busy time for you in your new post, but please take a few moments to watch this video, narrated by actor Eva Mendes, which highlights the routine cruelty that animals endure at the hands of the immoral fur trade. It is estimated that 85 percent of the world’s fur comes from farms where animals spend their entire lives confined to small, filthy wire cages,”

“The inexplicable actions of Harvey Nichols’ former fashion director, who reneged on the store’s no-fur policy last year, shocked your loyal customers. Knowing now how animals suffer at the hands of the fur trade and that there is no such thing as ‘ethically sourced’ or ‘humanely farmed’ fur, will you please assure Peta and your customers that Harvey Nichols is once again fur-free?”

As consumers we shouldn’t underestimate the influence we have over companies decisions. If we shop with our hearts by spending our money with cruelty free companies then the other unethical companies will have to rethink their policies if they want to keep their profits up.

Please share.

Alt 80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons: Daria

Alt 80's & 90's Film & TV Style Icons: Daria

Chrissie xx

Best Cookbooks For Begginers

“I don’t do cooking” is a statement I hear a lot of women without families (and some with them) say. I was happy being one of them until food intolerances forced to me “improvise and create”, that’s right, I still don’t call it cooking. Here are three cookbooks that will teach us how to create some simple but delicious food.

chop sizzle wow

Chop, Sizzle, Wow illustrated by Adrian Rampazzo (£12.95 Phaidon)

This comic book literally shows you how to cook 50 Italian inspired recipes. If you often think “It’s easy to write but how exactly do I do that?” then this is the book for you. Note: These recipes aren’t all veggie but are easily adaptable.



The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook by Charlotte Pike (£7.99)

Charlotte talks us through every part of cooking right from the beginning, even improvising with utensils to sticking to a very small budget. There is no confusing jargon and while she writes with the assumption that her readers are clueless cooks, she still manages to sound like a helpful friend rather than a patronising chef. The series also includes The Hungry Student cookbook and The Hungry Student Easy Baking.



Anjum’s Indian Vegetarian Feast: Fabulous Fresh Indian Food by Anjum Anand (£19.99)

Anjum is vegetarian by religion and her recipes are based on the ingredients and incredible flavours of Indian street food. Her book features snacks, dips, mains, curries and deserts all laid out in beautiful photographs.

Wish me luck!

Chrissie xx

The Perfect Rockabilly Dress

The Perfect Rockabilly Dress

When Fancy Dress Queen asked me to style and review a dress I almost declined. Me in a dress!? I’d not worn a dress since I used to go clubbing five years ago and I was a lot slimmer in certain places. It had to suit my style (obviously not too girly) and my shape. I was so happy to find out they stocked lots of 50’s Rockabilly dresses and this particular one with a skull and roses print – perfect!

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

I’ve never worn anything like this before and I absolutely adore it. Sexy, rock n’ roll but flattering and pretty! Who knew I had a waist and hips! Sorry I’m gushing but I feel like a bad-ass Marilyn Monroe in this dress, ha!

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

This skirt would look great with black netting underneath for even more volume – especially if you wanted to look like you were going swing dancing. I was surprised to find the length of the skirt still flatters legs even when wearing flats so whopping great heels aren’t needed. Red lips and bold brows are an essential though, of course.

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

As you can see the back is traditionally low but the lacing ensures that it stays fitted and doesn’t slip. This is the red accented version of the dress but I replaced the red waist ribbon with a black satin look belt. As you know I’m not one for bows and ribbons every where.

skull and roses 50's Rockabilly dress

You could definitely wear this to a Halloween party if you were embarrassed to wear an excessively obvious costume. This dress is so me however, I’m going to wear it out for drinks or to an event or a house party – any excuse really!

Chrissie xx

#Blogtober Day 12 – Best Advice You’ve Been Given



Considering that my self has a nack for putting my foot in it, miss-judging the etiquette/proceedings of situations then being wildly enthusiastic or really quite shy – depending on wether I’m around friends or strangers – this might not sound like suitable advice.

What my Mum actually meant was don’t compromise yourself to fit in with other people. Always know you are great just the way you are! Play on your own strengths rather trying to guess what the perfect Stepford Wife response is.

Ta Mum, from 11 year old me.


80’s & 90’s Film & TV Style Icons: Alabama from True Romance

Alt 80's & 90's Film & TV Style Icons: Alabama from True Romance